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La Notte (1961 Italy/ France)

This film was a product of a time and a place and a sensibility that is now long gone. But be that as it may, this is an excellent film about a married couple who have fallen out of love. 683 more words


Michelangelo Antonioni – Characterisation

In their attempt to clarify exactly what could be considered the ‘classical Hollywood style’ up to 1960, David Bordwell, Janet Staiger and Kristin Thompson have proposed that “causality, consequence, psychological motivations, the drive toward overcoming obstacles and achieving goals” form the basic premise of the standard Hollywood story, with “character-centred – ie. 1,905 more words


30 Days of Mubi: Michelangelo Antonioni's Story of a Love Affair (Day 4)

At this point of the bleak midwinter, you’ve made your way through the entire Netflix catalogue (there’s only so many ‘Witty Films with a Strong Female Lead Based on a Book’ you can handle) and are looking for a different, more varied streaming experience. 556 more words


Alternative Sites of Meaning in the Films of Michelangelo Antonioni

In an open letter to the director, Roland Barthes says of Antonioni:

“You work at making subtle the meaning of what man says, recounts, sees or feels, and this subtlety of meaning, this conviction that meaning does not stop crudely with the thing being said but always goes further, fascinated by what lies beyond – this subtlety is, I believe, that of all artists, whose object is not this or that technique but that strange phenomenon, vibration.” 443 more words


Short Review of a Favorite Film: L'avventura (1960)

Logline: After a woman mysteriously disappears on a Mediterranean island, her lover and friend start a relationship of their own.

Review: By the time L’avventura  788 more words

Favorite Films

Antonioni Exhibition in 5 min

5-minute news video on the Antonioni Exhibition at EYE. It was aired on Amsterdam Film Show, Salto 1.

Filmmaker: Nur Ozgenalp
Assistant filmmaker: Liz Kardami… 11 more words


You're Worth It

You’re worth it.
That extra heartbeat~
the way my heart skips a beat
at the mere thought of You.
You’re worth it.
The sleepless nights when I… 83 more words