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Return to Zabriskie Point

For reasons that are not at all clear, there has been a distinct revival in the film “Zabriskie Point” in recent years.  Directed by Italian Michelangelo Antonioni – his only US film – this film was widely regarded as a major commercial and critical failure upon its theatrical release in February 1970.  384 more words

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Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point

(Regie: Michelangelo Antonioni – USA, 1970)

Los Angeles Ende der 60er: An der Uni proben die Studenten den Aufstand. Während die Spekulanten von ‘Sunny Dunes’ eine Luxussiedlung in der Wüste planen, geht die Polizei radikal gegen Hörsaalbesetzer vor.

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Joe Mount and his cohorts in Metronomy breathe rarified air.  While there are plenty of bands out there making well crafted pop music, I can’t think of anyone else who’s able to imbue it with the same uneasy brilliance.   106 more words


Rethinking American Religions: Failing to Explain America or Continually (Re)Shaping It?

This week we feature the work of Andie Alexander, a Religious Studies graduate student at University of Colorado-Boulder. She challenges us to probe narrations of the history of “American Religions.” With cutting insights into the scholarly literature, Alexander surveys scholarly claims on the past to question the politics of sophisticated selective memories. 915 more words


L'Eclisse (1962)

The finale of Antonioni’s unofficial disconnect trilogy (preceded by L’Avventura and La Notte) is something I’ve been working towards for a few years now. I first had my interest piqued in these movies by Antonioni’s dominance in Scorsese’s My Voyage to Italy where he describes L’Eclisse‘s form-over-fiction ending as “a frightening way to end a film… but at the time it also felt liberating. 427 more words


Blowup (1966) 

“Nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out.”

 Michelangelo Antonioni – Wikipedia says he’s one of Italy’s most acclaimed directors who “redefined the concept of narrative cinema.” I hold the opinion of Wikipedia editors higher than any other, so I figured it was time to check out one of Antonioni’s films. 701 more words


#nowlistening: Charles X

Come sempre il programma Musical Box di Radio 2 mi fornisce ottimi spunti per nuovi ascolti e oggi vorrei introdurvi Charles X, 24enne di Los Angeles. 200 more words