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Back Catalog Review: Blow-Up

The Back Catalog is a series following my quest to watch all of the films I own. Check out the index, or follow the… 984 more words


The Prey

As a prelude… I’m currently taking a fantastic Film Theory class offed by Harvard’s Visual and Environmental Studies Department. This post is a bit different than the preceding posts – it’s less architectural, though it was heavily influenced by one of the great architectural theorist and critic, Beatriz Colomina, who’s written the popular article “Radical Interiority.” I hope you enjoy! 2,267 more words


Next, again and again and again

Actually, I do not agree with Michelangelo when he said: “No great work of art is ever finished.” I titled my exhibit at the Orange Gallery “Next, Again”. 140 more words


Le amiche (1955)

Antonioni throws us into the eye of the storm, within a circle of love addicts personified by a clique of cruel women. When one of them tries to commit suicide to cure her broken heart, it is outsider Clelia (Eleonora Rossi Drago) who comes to the rescue and from there on out becomes embroiled within the toxic collective. 257 more words


The Lady Without Camelias (1953)

La signora senza camelie could also be translated as “Melodrama and Film Sets”. Antonioni’s scathing takedown of the Italian film industry follows an actress called Clara (Lucia Bosé) as she navigates a world of seedy moviemakers and greedy agents, exclusively personified by possessive men. 143 more words


Non sta mai fermo, mai

Deserto rosso racconta la storia di una donna, Giuliana, che, a causa di un incidente misterioso, ha dei comportamenti strani, provocati dalla difficoltà di controllare i propri pensieri e di formularli con le persone. 369 more words


Beginner's mind

“I Think I Might Be Dreaming, no. 5″; 48″ x 48”; oil & collage on canvas

Several years ago I read that Michelangelo on his deathbed said: “It is a pity I am dying when I am just beginning to know my craft.” He was not young, had been working at his art for a long time. 306 more words