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Michelangelo's David ~The World's Most Admired Male Nude

Yes, it has been a long hiatus, since I wrote here.

What better way to begin writing, than by penning down my admiration for Michelangelo’s David at Florence. 656 more words


Michelangelo's David…Florence, Italy

His hands are in perfect proportion to his body.  The sculpture was supposed to be shown on a very high platform/pedestal and when seen from that position, his hands would look  normal.   94 more words


Laura P's Lazy Blog on Florence and Milan

Florence – great. Milan – pretty cool. Italy in general – amazing for what it’s known for (delicious food, incredible history, architecture and monuments) and irritating for others (the cost of food and accommodation, the inefficiency of its public transport). 206 more words


Michelangelo's David Returned to Italy

I stumbled across this on the web and couldn’t resist sharing it. In case you needed to be reminded about the dangers of relying on fast foods for nutrition.



Epic Florence Gallery Battle: Academia vs. Uffizi

Before I got to Florence, the only thing I knew about the city was its two most famous art galleries, the Academia Gallery and the  1,035 more words


The Family Takes Florence

So the weekend after Interlaken my family came to visit and we did all the classic touristy things in good old Florence! First off, we climbed up to the top of piazzale michelangelo and watched the sunset over the city (classic). 88 more words