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Idiot of the Week #1 - Newt Gingrich

I generally do not go trolling for my “idiot of the week” … no need to, as they usually jump our and smack me in the head, or fall into my lap!  869 more words

Donald Trump

No Gays in the Space Colony, says Congressman!

He looks normal enough.  Look at his picture … who would ever guess that behind that benign smile lies the mind of a lunatic?  His name is Louis Gohmert, and he is a Republican, a member of the U.S. 627 more words

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America's #1 Bimbo ...

Michele Bachman, on why she believes God caused terrorist attacks in Brussels this week in order to humiliate President Obama: “Maybe our president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.” 978 more words

Political Commentary

Obama in India (October 6, 2010)

Now that the media seems to have shot the appropriate holes in Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outlandish claims that the President’s visit to the subcontinent will cost taxpayers $200 million a day, we can focus on what’s important about this journey. 492 more words

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