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Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar”- Michelle Obama

“I looked up to my parents growing up. Even though they didn’t go to college themselves, they worked hard to be able to send us. My dad was a pump operator at the city water plant, and he didn’t earn much money. 379 more words

Unearned White Privilege Embodied: The Juxtaposition of the Trump Presidency against the Obama Presidency

Juxtapose for a second the no drama Obama White House with the constant chaos, constant allegations of law breaking, questions debating actual treason, not just hyperbolically, but in a very literal sense, and the constant diplomatic and communication blunders of the current administration. 483 more words


Obama is bugging out

Word on the street is that Ex-Pres Obama is putting together  (organizing) a group to sabotage President Trumps administration.

Michele, always a class act, outlines her post election plans to the DNC. 54 more words


Shut up and act like a woman

Ok, that pissed 90% of you off. But wait, would you believe I mean that in a positive light? Of course I do, what the hell is wrong with you? 260 more words