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Den Røde Cottage and more SNOW

Denmark’s first snow day of the season turned into quite the snow night.

We had dinner reservations at Den Røde Cottage, so we had to brave the elements and get there somehow. 465 more words




It’s something that Mark and I do VERY WELL.

In fact, pre-vacation planning conversations usually consist of “Where do you want to eat?” (Everywhere.) “How often do you want to eat?” (All the time, obviously.) “Do they have any Michelin rated restaurants?” (Maybe? 355 more words



Getting to see a great chef at work is a rewarding experience. 1,226 more words

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Saison, San Francisco

My food trip in the States was disappointing in general. The food in general was entertaining, but it didn’t impress me with its quality. Saison, however, was a great meal. 176 more words

Michelin Restaurants

UNDECIDED: Budapest's latest Michelin starred restaurant

Since the beginning of this year, Budapest has 4 Michelin Starred restaurants, Tanti being the last one to be awarded. Not that popular before among the locals, Tanti became overnight a real success. 461 more words


Grace, Chicago

Grace joined the three star gang last year and it remained to be a three star this year. 116 more words

Michelin Restaurants

2016 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau

The Michelin Guide has announced its 2016 Stars for Hong Kong and Macau restaurants just recently.  The Michelin result has been highly anticipated by all the restaurants as it proves critical for one’s business.   445 more words