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Hong Kong’s best: Inside the World’s Inexpensive Michelin-star Restaurant

Good things come to those who wait. It was what I said to console myself after patiently waiting for almost two hours for my number to be called. 299 more words

Review: Simpsons

Last year the prestigious Simpsons Restaurant in Edgabaston, Birmingham underwent something of a renovation. Previously sitting firmly in what one might call the old school fine dining camp, all white linen table cloths and formality, the revamp has taken the restaurant to a new level. 882 more words

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Usuki Fugu Yamadaya

Fugu has never been a favourite fish of mine. My first experience with fugu was in 2012. It was in Beijing, and I did not think much of it. 411 more words


Second Meal at Ryugin

Ryugin was supposed to be the highlight of our trip, but the service let us down significantly.

I wrote in 2014 that this was undoubtedly my favourite restaurant in the whole entire Japan. 322 more words


Hakodate: Fumoto

Probably one of the worst service in a Michelin-Starred restaurant, and that was all thanks to the lady boss of Fumoto and their serving speed. 465 more words


Hakodate: Tempura Tazawa

I’m guessing that Tazawa-san has been cooking tempura since he could held a frying pan because even our 60-year old okami at Wakamatsu Ryokan nodded agreeably when we told her that we were dining at Tempura Tazawa. 323 more words


Review: Chapter One, Dublin

This post has been a long time in the making but way back in early September last year we were holidaying in the gorgeous Republic of Ireland. 510 more words

Eating Out Reviews