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Life after the 12WBT has ended.

Hey everyone, so as you know i did the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Of course i loved it has changed my life. You can see my review on another blog post. 420 more words

I can't stop snacking!!!

Ahh i need to stop i mean seriously i have come so far.
Snacking in my mind is me being weak again me surcoming to all my past temptations. 164 more words

Weight What!

Michelle Bridges was on Ausralian Story of Monday night and one of the comments made was “never met a morbidly obese person who is happy” 801 more words


My Diet Tips

My top tips on kicking the fat to the curb!!!!

  • Meal prep- This needs to be done!!! i created 12 meals the day before i started and i still have over half.
  • 704 more words

Move it with Michelle

Unless you have been living under a rock, surely almost everyone is familiar with the kickass reputation of Aussie TV personality and trainer Michelle Bridges… 350 more words

April 2016

Review of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT

By any means i am no expert. The following information is of my own personal journey.

So by now you all know i followed the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. 508 more words

Slowly but surely...

Well I still haven’t perfected eating cleanly yet… but at least I have calmed down the junk. God I miss Anzac biscuits though… And twirls were on sale this week… sigh. 265 more words

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