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Week 2 Official Weigh In - Wisdom Words "Don't Compare Yourself"

Lost 1.4kg from last week. Again it’s just a number but it is heading in the right direction and I’m please I’m a step closer to my goal. 346 more words

Think About It

First Official Weigh In

Today is the first official weigh in which, in my experience, is normally a drastic loss as you’re detoxing, losing water weight etc. Not for me. 454 more words


Day One of The Best

Well day 1 !!! Huzzah, we’ve officially started….. I am keen, and loving my menu this week and as it’s stylised to be for a one person in a hurry. 703 more words


Are we at war?

There are some days I would like to give up work and just read (study) Facebook. I know that sounds crazy- especially in view of the hard time I would give my kids when they were at school about Facebook, MSN (yes I’m that old- they are that old…). 683 more words

Bladder And Bowel

A little Bit Fit—Active Wear

By Emma Dowling

Having just completed my first Resolution Run Series race; coming second and first female across the line – a little brag there … I can honestly say the last thing you want when exercising is to be worried about your clothes. 518 more words

LFW Fit And Healthy

12WBT - A Fresh Start !!!!

So it’s been a good 2-4 years since I’ve a) been 100% able to commit to an exercise and nutrition plan and b) actually wanted to, there have certainly been a lot of stop-starts and half assed attempts at programs, even ones I’ve created myself !!!!. 449 more words


Michelle Bridges - Your Best Body (Review)

Was at my local library picking up some vegan / vegan friendly books – Dr John McDougall and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and saw this on display. 252 more words