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Dieting and My Love of Food

You know those people who love exercise? The ones who tell you how great jogging is and go on about endorphins? The ones whose favourite snack is salted kale chips and they eat goji berries as a naughty treat? 618 more words

A few days in, and already benefits

I’m just a few days into the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I won’t kid you, my t-shirt has been soaked in sweat. When walking previously for an hour within my suburb I’d sweat, but not to the same level for less time. 370 more words


"Do you hate fat people?"

I’ve always admired Michelle Bridge because of what she’s done on Australia’s Biggest Loser, but watching a teaser for an article on 60 Minutes, something was said that affected me just now without me realising I could still be that sensitive. 1,204 more words