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Regular exercise—for the body and the mind

Recently, a friend of mine told me how her weekly personal training sessions had helped her ward off her depression. She came to realise just how effective regular exercise was on her depression levels when she missed two sessions in a row and recognised that she was feeling depressed. 517 more words

Honest Review: Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

So I thought it would be useful to do some reviews on the various exercise programs on offer out there. A lot of these programs can be quite expensive, and I know that before forking out any dollars I like to know what I’m in for, whether it works etc etc. 2,119 more words

Musings And Intersting Things

Like Crack BUT better...

Tis this indescribable joy that running brings…

Its like this big bubble before it bursts.

It makes me want to bounce.

Years ago I used to bounce on my toes when I got excited. 521 more words


Exercise clothes for fatties

If there’s one website I never expected to write an article for, it’s Michelle Bridges’. But write I did, and I got given a bunch of plus size exercise clothes for my troubles. 34 more words

I Talk A Lot

Snarling #12wbt: on illness, balance and movement

I can feel myself getting sick again. Again! I work in a preschool, so I get sick fairly frequently because as much as I love them, children are the bringers of all the germs to the yard. 476 more words

a feminist takes on 12WBT (the story so far)

Hello, it’s Ange jumping in again ever so briefly, to introduce another writer to the Feminist Locker Room!

Sarah is one of my old school friends that I know through a magical combination of roller derby and… 864 more words

Snarling #12WBT

Snarling 12wbt: disrupt the skinny narrative already

A comment that Mish Bridges made in one of her mindset videos last week has stuck in my brain like (as Josie Packard from Twin Peaks would put it) “some haunting melody”. 234 more words