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3 Mantra's That Will Change Your Life

Be it we go to start a health and fitness program or we go for a job promotion to often we are held back by our self limiting beliefs.  124 more words


3 Tips for Improving Your Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell is a powerful training tool and fast becoming more popular as people discover how efficient and effective this cannonball like piece of equipment it is for strength, conditioning, fat loss and rehabilitation. 103 more words


City2Surf and Latest Update- 15/08/15

Hi Everyone!

I hope this blog finds you all well! I had a great week and in an impromptu moment on Thursday night last week, I decided to sign up at the eleventh hour to run the city2surf! 234 more words


How To Perform The Get Up

The Get Up or Turkish Get Up is one of our favorite moves here at Sydney Kettlebell School of Strength For Women.  It is a full body move which targets mobility, stability and strength. 28 more words


12WBT: Day 54

I have exciting news, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second baby (a boy) into the world!

This is wonderful news, but it means that my mum and I have to keep super tight-lipped when we talk to them. 169 more words

12WBT: Day 50

Yes, I am super sore from yesterday. Yes my butt feels amazing, especially the parts that I didn’t know worked quite so hard (speaking about you gluteus medius!). 242 more words

Weigh In Wednesday x3 July 29th, 2015 and Weightloss Tips

Arghh! Sorry Guys! I know I haven’t been keeping you updated but I have had so much on my plate that this blog didn’t make the cut! 571 more words