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{Pop of Pink on a Grey Day}

It’s Winter in New York and that means lots of Grey Days.

Take your vitamin D and add a pop of pink to brighten up.  Just a touch a pink on this pair of Marni frames will put a rose colored hue on everything around you. Take that Old Man Winter.


{Your New Best Friend-Eyelash Curler}

My sister made the statement a few weeks ago that she hates to wear sunglasses because her lashes are so long, they hit the lens. ( I wish I could insert a bug eyed emoticon right here) I know, tough problem to have right? 204 more words


{Fashion Friday-Old Man Winter}

We are by no means alluding to you being an Old Man, it’s just a phrase, really. And it IS Winter. Have you been outside lately! 49 more words


{Fashion Friday-Buckle Down}

Ok, it’s not time to panic, but it IS time to buckle down and get your Christmas shopping DONE! Throw on some comfy jeans, comfy shoes, a comfy sweater and a pair of stealthy frames like these from… 13 more words


{Fashion Friday-Glam & Go}

It’s December! Which means holidays and decorations and everything around us looks a little more festive and has a little more sparkle on it! Shouldn’t we be included in that? 47 more words