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{Fashion Friday-One for the Gents}

We have been seriously remiss in our attention to the Gents lately. That just won’t do. There are some great frames out there for you guys and we are your resource to show you how to make them fashionable. 45 more words


{Framed&Focused on Annie Hall}

Special thanks to the team that made this all possible

Photography by Michelle James

Model Alison Hamilton with New York Models

Frames provided by Julia Gogosha at… 17 more words


{Fashion Friday-Take That Winter}

 I will not let Winter get the best of me. And this year, believe me it’s trying. I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t wait to break out anything other than snow boots. 57 more words


{Pop of Pink on a Grey Day}

It’s Winter in New York and that means lots of Grey Days.

Take your vitamin D and add a pop of pink to brighten up.  Just a touch a pink on this pair of Marni frames will put a rose colored hue on everything around you. Take that Old Man Winter.


{Your New Best Friend-Eyelash Curler}

My sister made the statement a few weeks ago that she hates to wear sunglasses because her lashes are so long, they hit the lens. ( I wish I could insert a bug eyed emoticon right here) I know, tough problem to have right? 204 more words


{Fashion Friday-Old Man Winter}

We are by no means alluding to you being an Old Man, it’s just a phrase, really. And it IS Winter. Have you been outside lately! 49 more words


{Fashion Friday-Buckle Down}

Ok, it’s not time to panic, but it IS time to buckle down and get your Christmas shopping DONE! Throw on some comfy jeans, comfy shoes, a comfy sweater and a pair of stealthy frames like these from… 13 more words