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Frankie and Johnny

Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino are wonderful in the romantic story of Frankie and Johnny. Frankie (Pfeiffer) has had some bad relationships that have resulted in her opting out of dating and aside from waitressing she spends her time with her colleagues and a gay neighbour. 170 more words


Catwoman Fascinator Cocktail Hat

I made this Catwoman cocktail hat as a raffle prize for Jack of All Nerds podcast.

The custom fascinator was raffled off at the Nerds Like Us… 47 more words


this is the fucking worst

Is there a word for “celebrations” of women who are aging beautifully that are actually more insulting than celebratory? Do they think they are being provocative — old women can be pretty too! 143 more words


Big Hair, Big Shoulders, Big Love

I recently had the pleasure of spending time in my friends vintage hoard, she is a fellow afficiando and lover of all things beautiful but old. 638 more words

166. the family (2013)

I love De Niro and I like Luc Besson so to see the two of them come together for a late-career crime caper is certainly a promising set up. 143 more words

Media Diet

MOVIE REVIEW | The Hollywood Knights (1980)

Well here’s a movie that doesn’t seem to be aspiring to absolutely anything.  There are a few jokes, but not nearly enough for it to be a comedy.  407 more words

It's Been a Batty Week!

Since 2014 is Batman’s 75th anniversary, it seems like everyone has had bat on the brain. This week, I myself, have had a case of Bat-fever as I waited in anticipation for the… 183 more words

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