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The Skill Collector

They say it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a skill. There is something very noble and beneficial in that pursuit. Then there are the 10-mins every day to learn a new skill people. 471 more words


50 Word Story Extra Credit

Wrote down the words her mouth couldn’t utter, always in dark, lived life with closed shutters. She felt herself drift farther away; from the thing that she longed for, wishing it’d stay. 21 more words

J. Autrey Cosmetics - A LIP Launch worth talking smack about!

So I had the honor and privileged of attending the J. Autrey Cosmetic Launch earlier this Fall in Downtown Grand Rapids and I am in love with this amazing line of lipsticks. 137 more words


Rosemary's Baby (1968)

In 1973, a psychiatrist named Lawrence Pazder began to treat a troubled woman named Michelle Smith. Under hypnosis, Smith “remembered” being repeatedly abused as a child by her parents during satanic rituals. 2,673 more words


Wexford County Animal Control Officer Arraigned in Circuit Court

from Cadillac News

The 41-year-old Wexford County Animal Control officer who was arrested on charges of embezzlement was arraigned in 28th Circuit Court on October 31st.  96 more words