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What Will People Think?

This is a cross stitch I made for John many years ago. This reminded me of him so much due to his love of nature. 483 more words

The Effect The Energies Around You Have On Your Health

Although not my best work, this accurately depicts how I feel when the ME/CFS is acting up. Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

I have mentioned recently that I felt my health has been improving. 704 more words


From My Kitchen: Hummus

A few weeks ago, I bought myself a NutriBullet Blender and I have been obsessed with it. Sauce, hummus, smoothies, if you can blend it, I’ve tried to make it. 191 more words


Astrological Prejudice - Just As Painful As Racial Prejudice

I have recently met a new friend who I thought was going to be a good friend. After our conversation last night, I am seriously reconsidering this notion. 1,156 more words


Magical Moments to Remember - Michelle & Run's Maui Wedding

As the sun slid across the sky, Michele and Run’s family and friends gathered on a Western facing shore for a special occasion. This gorgeous California duo came together before their loved ones to promise their love to each other. 141 more words



It has been a bit. I apologize for not posting in over a month. I wish I had a more valid excuse but I have been pretty slammed with life. 1,219 more words