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You Got That Right

My favorite headline EVER 😍 https://t.co/s08S5u7w2r

annie are you ok? (@AnnieMcCarren) March 20, 2018

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What's Up With YouTube?

Lately I have been noticing some significant changes with YouTube and I am not all that happy with them. I am having this feeling that YouTube is trying to brainwash me into being someone I definitely am not. 253 more words


What Is Samadhi?

“Awakening from the dream of your character in the play of life.”

In all honesty I must answer this question with “I haven’t got a clue but I am working on it.” 729 more words


Time for a Break

Dave and I decided that we both wanted to accomplish as much as we can during our time abroad – meeting new people, exploring the city more, seeing more museums and touristy sights… Since this past week was his break from school, we used that time off as an opportunity to achieve some of these goals. 1,433 more words


Last Night

Last night was rather difficult for me. I was having a lot of pain and it would wake me every time I moved. I was also having some weird dreams but I find the one dream that I remember the clearest as being comforting. 323 more words