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Red Crayons

Yesterday we took Quinn on a preschool tour. She was dressed the part, demanding a “big red bow”. She recently requested “bright red boots” and her grandparents brought her some Hunter wellies over. 495 more words

Potato Creek 6 Mile Tune-Up Hike!

I led a group of 10 people on my third installment of Tune-up Hikes on a beautiful Saturday Morning. Overnight we had unseasonable temperatures in the low 30’s but the forecast called for temperatures upwards of 50 degrees by the end of the hike. 706 more words


Weigh in, Week 11

I’m a little late since I weighed in Monday, but here ya go

Pure butter shortbread and being in vacation mode with my inlaws here is to blame. 156 more words

March MHH Column: Mowing down my options

    As a teenager, I was hardly an invaluable help around the house. Though I improved as an adult, I am ashamed to admit that I was once an inept pack rat that could barely make a bed, couldn’t do laundry or cook anything more ambitious than canned corn. 459 more words

MHH Column

Weigh in, Week 7

I seriously want to cry tears of joy. I worked hard this week. There were times I wanted to eat a pound of cheese but I didn’t. 187 more words