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Stray Cat Blues

This is farcical, just so you know. Mick did not use kittens as microphones.

It's The Hatter, Not The Hat

Annnndddd I’m gay now. Thanks, Mick.

Wait. That hat. I’ve seen that hat before. Where have I seen that silly thing?

Ah, right.

“Oo wore it bettuh, guv?” 10 more words

Before They Make Me Run

The Dead was incapable of this move, and not just because none of them would look this good in the tights. (Mick looks as good as humanly possible for a man to look wearing bright yellow, football-style leggings with kneepads and little white Capezios. 190 more words

A Letter From Jagger

I’ve been loathe to link to this for fear of appearing deficient in its enormous shadow: this imagined letter from Mick to Keith by Bill Wyman (no relation, although he was sent a cease-and-desist letter from the shitty Bill Wyman regarding his name, to which he responded, “But it’s my name,” and at that point everyone involved in the situation became embarrassed and pretended it never happened.) 67 more words

Pleased To Meet You

Bands have a field in which they play, thematically. The Dead never sang about any Norse mythology and Zeppelin left friendship and cowboys alone.

The Stones–their good songs, at least–were about sex and violence, usually mixed together. 398 more words

Say Watt?

One last thing the Stones and the Dead have in common: the guitar players made them famous, but the drummers made them great.

How long this gonna last? 199 more words