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My Realtor is Trying to Destroy Me

How else would you explain his lack of proper notice of showings? It was bad enough when he called 30 minutes ahead that time but this time? 354 more words

Mom Life

Top Five Songs For Migraines

For a time as a parent, I didn’t have to listen to crappy music. (My husband would say, “Wait, that’s not true because you love Hanson,” which I’d ignore while pitying him for not embracing their greatness.) When Little Man came along, we didn’t play much kiddie music. 438 more words


A To Z Challenge – Y

M – I – C – K – E – Y….

are we all shouting Yay?? Because we’re almost finished with this Mickey Mouse challenge! 125 more words


Mickey Mania (Now in Technicolor!)

So I kinda like Disney. Let’s rephrase that; I LOVE classic animation. The amount of work it takes is absolutely staggering, and it’s better for it. 1,909 more words


What I pack for a Disney day! 🎒

After many years of going to Disney (my entire 25 years of life to be exact) I have come up with a list of items that I always bring with me. 243 more words


Don't be afraid of thrift shops! 😳

Dear Disney Fans,

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CHECK THRIFT STORES FOR DISNEY MERCH! I will be the first person to admit that I normally do not think of visiting thrift stores and consignment shops instead of going places like Target first. 243 more words