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Lumix GX85 Review, Part 3: Review Notes, Enhanced

In the midst of a busy week, there is little time to test out cameras. I’m looking forward to taking the GX85 on a multi-day road trip along the Pacific Northwest coastline next week, where I will have plenty of opportunities to put the camera through its paces. 636 more words


Test 2

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First blog post

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Nile Crocodile



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A Call to Series

As an amateur photographer, there are things about my craft which bother me. One of these is how often I will end a session or come back from a trip with one or two (or three, if I am lucky) good shots that are completely unrelated. 468 more words


Lumix GX85 Review: Part 2: L Monochrome

I spent a couple of sessions shooting in the new “L Monochrome” JPEG mode. The GX85 is the first camera to add a JPEG mode in some time, and I was interested in trying it out, since Panasonic has billed it as a more contrasty, nuanced monochrome with a lot of tonality. 304 more words


Panasonic Lumix GX85 Review, Part 1

The Lumix GX85 sort of defies immediate conclusions, but not in a bad way. To be sure, there are observations that can be made at once: the shutter is magnificently quiet. 600 more words


Craft. A Modular Camera System.

In the last 20 years there has been a massive change in photography and cinematography technology. Digital changed the game, then smartphones. One thing that has remained fairly constant though is the form factor. 300 more words