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Playing Ostrich in the Goat Paddock

There are a great many things that need doing at this point in time on the Homestead. Gardens need weeding, seedlings are climbing out of their pots, raised beds need some TLC, and the tarpaulin curtain on the feed shed has yet again broken lose from it’s moorings.   353 more words

Union Homestead

Bedroom Work and Beautification

Renovations and work on our interior were halted for a bit while we focused on other things.  Now we are back at it, and our home is coming together slowly but surely.   475 more words


Roast Duck and Pretzels

There is something indescribably fulfilling about responsibly raising our own food with care and effort.  The amount of thought and work to bring a meal to the table is proportionate to me to the amount of enjoyment and a feeling of wholesomeness gained from that meal.   708 more words


My Dream Farm

Hello again!

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my dream farm. I had previously shared our mission as homesteaders, so I thought it would be nice to go into a little bit more detail on what we will actually be doing. 443 more words


The Book That Started It All

The Backyard Homestead – Book Review

The Backyard Homestead; Edited by Carleen Madigan, Storey Publishing

The Backyard Homestead, the book that started it all. I spent a long time waiting to start my dream farm. 275 more words


Some of My Favorite Things Sunday - Aprons

I am sure I’ve mentioned before that I love the idea of the 50’s housewife with the pearls, dress, and a little apron.  This week I want to quickly share my favorite aprons with you.   297 more words


Fall Season Decor - Halloween Apothecary Candles

I’m so excited now that we are officially in Fall!  Such a gorgeous time of year.  Time to wind down for the winter and get all warm and cozy. 113 more words