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Preparing for winter entry 5: The cleaning 

In the fall like in the spring there is a lot to take care of in order to successfully change seasons. None of us like to be wading through snow banks to retrieve the new expensive rake that was left on the fence line. 340 more words

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Preparing for winter entry 4: switching work focus 

There is a shift in workflow in between the seasons. A change in the type, pace, and goals of the projects that we all take on. 179 more words

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Preparing for winter: Entry 3 heat prep

I will preface this post with a warning. If you are not comfortable hire an expert, if you have never done it before hire an expert. 271 more words

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Learning to spin wrenches

I have recently become a tractor owner. This is partially a need here at the homestead, and partially as a reward for being smoke free for six months. 71 more words

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Watermelon Time!

It’s Ali Baba watermelon time here at Lomita Farm!   With lips smacking and mouth watering, R proudly did the honor of harvesting the first watermelon whopper of the season. 197 more words


It Began

It began with a cup of tea.

Well, I suppose it began with an herb garden long dreamt of and finally constructed that now houses the plants harvested for that cup of tea. 413 more words

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Rain catchment upgrade pt1.

55gallons just isn’t what it used to be. The garden has nearly tripled in size and it’s not shrinking anytime soon. My next option is to upgrade the rain catch. 103 more words

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