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Learning to spin wrenches

I have recently become a tractor owner. This is partially a need here at the homestead, and partially as a reward for being smoke free for six months. 71 more words

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It Began

It began with a cup of tea.

Well, I suppose it began with an herb garden long dreamt of and finally constructed that now houses the plants harvested for that cup of tea. 413 more words

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Rain catchment upgrade pt1.

55gallons just isn’t what it used to be. The garden has nearly tripled in size and it’s not shrinking anytime soon. My next option is to upgrade the rain catch. 103 more words

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Opening new beds

Back a bit, when I put down the burlap I built in triangles that would become new beds. Today they get opened up.

There are two that can be opened up. 94 more words

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New sprinkler setup

So, standing at the garden for long periods holding a hose doesn’t do well for getting other things done. So I’ve built this.

Now all I need to do is reposition my little helper here onto different areas of the garden.
Until next time…

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Weekend projects

This weekend has been busy. With the wood shed done I have been able to fill it up.

I like to start a weekend off with a list. 138 more words

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More from the garden

I hve now cloned out the slug damaged plants and replaced them with more. Crossing my fingers these guys produce.

The other thing on my mind as every bush plant sprouts Squash and Zucchini is what happened to the cucumbers? 25 more words

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