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Tinkering around

There has not been a lot going on here the weather has been in he nineties and it’s really been too nasty to be out except mornings and evenings. 146 more words

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A walk in the garden

The first tomato of the year is in there. Below a garden rests.

The beans are beginning to show now.

The squash and cucumbers look more like a flower garden. 41 more words

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Simple a salt

Yeah I couldn’t resist. Operation shrivel up and die is in full swing. I’ve lost count. Salt has been the primary means of destruction but I am trying boards too… 112 more words

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Project day

Most of today has been spent avoiding the heat. It is 90 in the shade. I am however dead set on getting some projects done. … 90 more words

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The power of vegies

Today I have only this humble picture of he power of vegies.

Until next time…

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The restoration

Lest we think building a homestead is as simple as a garden and rain catches we at last delve into the realm of improving the homestead. 130 more words

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More thought to the lid

Through the thought process on this project I have realized that the lid has been skipped over to a certain extent. I aim to fix this. 140 more words

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