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Salt Preserved Lemons

Sometimes the universe just tells me what I should be doing. This is one of those cases. It seems every cookbook I open, blog I read, or channel I watch, they all have an awesome recipe for salt preserved lemons. 450 more words

The Story of ClawFoot Farm

ClawFoot Farm is an urban, micro farm/homestead in the Pacific Northwest. We live on 1/4 acre in the suburbs with a view of our small downtown and Mt Rainier. 216 more words

Back into the deep freeze

The last few days were a teaser. We are frozen again. Bringing in the sixth ton of pellets for the year it is about 10 degrees. 19 more words

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HAM fest time day 2

As I sit here working on my coffee and untangling my crooked body from a terrible rest in the truck I get to watch the show unfold before me. 101 more words

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A night of firsts. 

I’m currently finding the holes in my sleep system. It’s about fifty degrees. The wool blanket will not cooperate at all and keeps sliding out from underneath me. 79 more words

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HAM fest time day 1

Hey my awesome readers! This weekend I have taken a trip to NEAR fest in Deerfield New Hampshire. My goal? To achieve my technicians license for HAM radio. 158 more words

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The third installment of the chicken saga.

Well folks, with the computer replaced and updated guess what can happen now?? thats right more videos with a goofy guy blabbering on about stuff! 47 more words

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