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A journey to breakfast. 

Our journey begins with a bush. Laden with fruit; but not enough to make jam. This crop cannot go to the birds.

The decision was made. 154 more words

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Terrace space part 2

Today we will be digging in and starting the retaining wall from wood that is already on the property.

The first bit here is to dig a small trench to house the lumber. 62 more words

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The joys of having Sunday free once more

Recently there was a schedule change over in corporate serf land.  It was good for the company, but they really didn’t give much thought to the peons. 308 more words

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The Koi barrel

Well hello again! Today we set our rain barrel up with a mosquito defense team.

We went over to the pet store and picked up some feeder goldfish. 109 more words

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Compostogringomatic 3000 Part 2

Greetings and salutations my amazing readers!

When last we left this project the mower was only an engine and blade. The barrel, just that; a barrel. 173 more words

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Operation Omelette part 1

It’s happening my dear readers. Soon a magnificent flock of majestic foul will be joining our small homestead. Today’s task is to discover the right amount of birds for our small homestead. 573 more words

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Compostogrindomatic 3000 part 1

What you are about to witness is either a really cool compost chopper or my horrible destruction.

I got an old mower. This thing is rustier than grandads ford. 277 more words

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