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Kiwi put a fence up?

sorry about the bad pun gang, but the kiwis have been planted. They will be the cornerstone to the garden fence. I’ve recently discovered livestock fence. 67 more words

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One Big Hole

Some weeks the work around the Micro Farm revolve completely around plants and plant care.  Other weeks, like this past week, work revolves around preparing a place for plants.   718 more words

Cleaning up, and the forgotten lawn mower

Todays list started with removing branches that had fallen in the winter, and were blocking the gate. This had me on top of a ladder praying not to be badly broken. 127 more words

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Progress. Finally 

today was a good day. Finally put some food into the ground. I think I missed my asparagus it’s now a foot tall. I’m not sure if it can still be eaten or not. 95 more words

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Seeing the first signs of life.

this weekend was a busy one. Most of it revolved around the home away from homestead. With our first family outing just a week away it’s crunch time for preparing. 160 more words

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Wood Chip Madness

Lots of manual labor around the Micro Farm this weekend.  It all started with a truck load of wood chips.  Several municipalities in our area offer free wood chips, you just have to load them.   342 more words

Meet our new ladies and gentlemen!

 Now, It was really impossible to get them to hold still long enough for a picture! Regardless, yesterday was so much fun! We loaded up into the Jeep and drove all the way to Elkin (about an hour from where we live) to pick up our tiny little cheepers! 212 more words