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The Trip So Far: Cordoba

I found Cordoba to be more enjoyable than Granada.  While the Alhambra was amazing, much of Granada left me wanting.  Cordoba filled in some of that older/classic city whole in my travel weary heart.   106 more words


An Old/New Photo Gear Mashup

As I divest from my Nikon APS/DX gear there have been some moments for reflection on what I actually want to be taking pictures with. The move away from Nikon was about size, weight, and handling. 369 more words


Micro Four Thirds - 5 Generations

I was one of those who rushed in 2009 to get an Olympus E-P1 camera. It looked vintage, was small and offered great image quality compared to others in the size category. 191 more words


Photo Challenge - Week One.

As I mentioned before, I downloaded Andrea‘s ebook: The Busy Mom’s Guide to Growing as a Photographer. It’s a collection of photo challenges. The first challenge is a month-long challenge giving no direction to your subjects. 203 more words


A photo experiment.

It’s pretty cold and dreary in Pittsburgh, these days. I’ve been feeling a little stagnant with my photos. I don’t get out much, and when I do I am so bundled up, that carrying my camera with me just seems like one more thing I need to think about. 197 more words


Eddie's Third

We had a party for Eddie last month. His birthday was a few weeks afterwards but it worked best to have the party earlier.

A few takeaways: 591 more words