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Olympus PEN-F – what I like and what not

I bought the Olympus after using two Sony A7 series bodies in late April 2017, and sold it at the end of September, to make place for my Fuji X-E3. 1,356 more words

Mirrorless System Cameras

Micro Four Thirds is my Kansas... or one man's journey back home

Saying that Micro Four Thirds (MFT) is the best mirrorless system is much like saying that Toyota builds the best cars.  Could be true… for some, but it’s not true for all. 640 more words


Máy ảnh cảm biến Micro Four Thirds (M4/3): không phải dạng vừa

hị phần máy ảnh thế giới đang chứng kiến một pha “cắm mốc đặt chủ quyền” một cách lặng lẽ. Và nó đến từ một dòng máy ảnh có cảm biến có diện tích bằng ¼ cảm biến 35mm. 1,925 more words


MFT Weight Reduction

I know you’re expecting to read yet another post about how great micro four thirds is for weight reduction, and I think we all know that. 318 more words