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Micro-Greens, Episode 2

Hello, folks! I’ve been getting queries from you for a couple of weeks. So, finally, here’s the next episode in the Micro-Greens series.

As a bonus, here’s a little puzzler related to today’s video: The three words featured in the video (post-editing) all happen to be prepositions. 51 more words



You know those posh leaves they put on food in expensive restaurants? Well, I found this pack of grow your own, and was really surprised by how easy it is to get them started! 124 more words


The Magic Spark Indoor, Understove Garden

It’s the middle of winter and we’ve been missing our garden fresh greens, so Magic Papa got to work and found a solution. Now we can grow fresh veggies, herbs, and greens right under our stove! 563 more words

Magic Spark

Microgreens and pea shoots for fresh little greens all winter

Pea shoots with seeds saved from our summer snow peas

This is something I have been resisting for years – growing indoor edibles, because it seemed kind of a waste of electricity and maybe used more energy than it was worth. 450 more words


Happiness is...

…growing plants from Seeds in my own TINY APARTMENT KITCHEN

Micro-Greens, Episode 1

We’re firing up the Green Caret blog again, folks. But this time, we’re adding short videos to the mix.

Welcome to the first episode of “Micro-Greens,” starring yours truly. More videos to come.


ARTfarm Monday Q&A, OPEN 3-6pm today!!

The farmstand is open 3–6 p.m. today with lots of awesome winter goodies: Sweet salad mix, baby spicy mix, baby arugula, microgreens, sweet corn, cucumbers, loads of cherry tomatoes, more slicing and heirloom tomatoes, radishes, lettuce heads, garlic chives, cilantro, dill, basil, lemongrass, chili peppers, passionfruit, and zinnia flowers! 516 more words