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So, this weekend I sold away my dreams of future house ownership. How did I do that, you may ask? I willingly bought avocado toast at a hipster coffee shop. 497 more words

What is a micro-green?

Most people have heard of Alfalfa Sprouts or Mung Bean Sprouts; Micro-greens are the next phase of growth after the sprout. A micro-green has started to form roots and grown its first set of leaves. 256 more words


Alternative leafy greens when lettuces are expensive or unavailable

The recent heavy rain events created havoc with vegetable production around Auckland. Lettuces @$7 each and a broccoli head @$4.50 each tell a sad story for veggie eating in Auckland now. 654 more words

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How To: Micro Greens Part Two

April Fool’s Day in Chicago is no joke–today it’s a sprightly 55 degrees and sunny…perfect day to visit the local garden center! We hit up the Sale table and found adorable fairy houses ($1.50!), a solar-powered fairy herself ($4.00!) and assorted fairy knick-knacks to outfit her Under the Tree Abode. 237 more words

How To:

Grow micro greens and roots for health, wealth and vitality. 

So often I see empty glasshouses and polytunnels many of them in desperate need of repair! I cannot help but think they could be put to such good use for just a few hours a week, some left over seeds from last years vegetable sowing or even propagating a few plants from your own garden borders. 387 more words

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Roasted Aubergine & Garden Salad

This morning I read a post by Glover Gardens Cookbook about a chipotle rub and a chipotle barbecue sauce. I put the rub recipe together within minutes of reading. 128 more words


The Curious Incident Of The Sprouts At Nighttime

Sprouts are surprisingly easy to grow! With these I didn’t even need any dirt. Just mason jars, lids, and water.

The instructions are easy. First you take 1-4 tablespoons (your preference) of sprouts and put them in a mason jar. 74 more words