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Bootstrapped Startups Now Have MicroConf 2011

With so much talk about Angel and VC funding and a new startup bubble forming, is refreshing to see that self-funded startups still have a place to go to share ideas and best practices. 215 more words


Why old ERP wine can't be bottled in SaaS

There is a fundamental shift that is happening to ‘enterprise apps’ in the SaaS world when compared to the On-premise ERP world. I tried to google for ERP vs SaaS and found articles like these: 520 more words


Spotlight on another startup

Those interested in startups and watching micro ISVs get off the ground might enjoy a peek at the Agile Micro ISV blog (also linked in the sidebar). 183 more words


Micro-ISVs - Getting Rich Writing Software

I encountered a new term that I had never heard of before, ‘Micro-ISV‘, which is just a fancy way of defining a business that generally consists of a single software developer. 27 more words


Ok, so now what?

I will let you know, right up front, that this is going to be a largely self-indulgent post. I am basically just thinking out loud, and doing it in public. 722 more words


mISV Box - to be or not to be?

My recent posting on Business of Software forum received mixed comments. Some people said they do not think there is a market for a complete e-commerce solution for micro-ISVs, others gave positive feedback. 351 more words


When is a good time to start?

If you ask anybody that is already on their way, they will tell you to start immediately without delay. This is sage advice considering the longer you stay idle, the harder it is to get started. 396 more words

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