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2015 Genetic advances


Modified human embryos

In April a team of Chinese scientists made headlines when they used CRISPR in human embryos to prevent a blood disorder called beta thalessemia,..” 324 more words


Gene editing and micro-pigs

Recently a Chinese research firm announced that they will soon have a 33 pound micro-pig for sale as pets for a mere $1500. The company originally developed the tiny pig to be used in research. 862 more words

From The Cavalier County Republican


I have a new found obsession. Baby Pigs. Micro Pigs. Any pig. PIGS.

Now I like dogs, right? And I like them because they are cute and nice and fun and loyal and adorable and god’s gift to humanity. 610 more words

The PAw In Real Life

Earth to the Internets: There is no such thing as a Teacup Pig.

Susan Armstrong Magidson, one of the Philadelphia area’s top pig mavens, can tell you one thing before she gets to all the reasons that she loves pet pigs. 2,227 more words


Micro pig petting on campus

Micro pigs will be on campus tomorrow in order to relieve exam stress.

A plethora of pigs, from guinea to micro, will be available to pet from 10:30am-1:30pm on the South Forum Piazza, behind Costa. 284 more words


Pet pigs

Ever considered a pig as a pet. Not traditional companion animals but pigs can make great pets with the right care. Here’s a compilation of the sweetest little pigs…


Micro-Pig Pop-up to open in London!

Owning an independent café can be tough and we have showcased a few cafes that have found their own niche in order to appeal to clientele, but sometimes you may need a little help to get started. 690 more words