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One-minute exposures

For last weeks micro-project we had to build pairs and give each other a briefing for a little assigment. I paired with Hans, and his briefing to me was: 395 more words


Week 4: The collaborative project

“I use the metaphor that we are two jazz players, I play piano and he plays guitar, and we play jazz, following our intuition.”

This is what Alex Majoli says about his collaboration with Christopher Anderson as a part of the… 553 more words

PHO701: Critical Research Journal

Micro-project: Portraits

While some of the work I produced in Arles relates to my theme of “wilful blindness’, most of the work I produced was created through systematic exploration. 70 more words

Week 6-7 Peer commissioned micro-project: Psycho-Anatidae

For week 6-7, I had the opportunity to assign- and be assigned- a micro-project to complete this week by my classmate. I assigned my classmate the exercise of creating a psycho-geography around her home. 617 more words

Micro-project: Macro exploration

I experimented with a new, inexpensive 22 mm hyper-macro lens, taking dozens of shots of my hanging plant basket. This hyper-macro has a 4-4.5x magnification, revealing incredible, otherwise invisible, details. 109 more words

Micro project: “I’m Afraid of Americans”. July 4th Edition.

Micro-project: I challenged myself to try to capture the essence of families enjoying the 4th of July, American Independence Day, at a local lake. I am using the photo app, Hipstamatic, as a method of creating the sense of vintage sensibility. 75 more words