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Tiny Tanks

You don’t need a million bricks to build something blog worthy! This tiny tank by Flickr’s GolPlaysWithLego uses just handful of parts and yet looks brilliant in its simplicity. 22 more words


A polarising view of the past

Brooke Jonson

The water lapping the shore is warm and relaxing, and the Tethys ocean – which later in the year will be wracked with hurricanes that will scour the sea bed and dump new sediment along the beach – is currently calm. 663 more words

Dynamic Earth

Mega Micro Space

Rat Dude has built this tiny version of the classic 6989 Mega Core Magnetizer. It comes complete with a telescopic grab arm and little rover, just like the original. 40 more words


Lego Disney Castle Micro Scale Custom Build Review

Zy Marquiez
January 11, 2018

Brick Show Brian reviews this awesome micro scale build of the Disney Castle, as created by Tyler Clites and Sean Mayo! 65 more words



Another LEGO build I finished up before the new year was thanks to the building instruction of Miro Dudas.  I simplified the main body, changed out the parts for the side cannons, and I am still trying to figure out the best piece for the front of the head/cockpit.  14 more words


Biggie Smalls

Some things are a lot smaller than you expect them to be. At least that’s what your Mom said to this TLCB Writer the other night. 79 more words


I Can't Contain Myself

All the best things arrive in boxes. Fish fingers, LEGO sets, TLCB Elves. OK, maybe not the last one (and cages aren’t really boxes anyway), but pretty much everything else cool in the world will have reached you this way, even if it’s not packaged in a box itself. 113 more words