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If the idle processing power of computers can be used for achieving a greater goal, so can the time people spend on procrastination, commuting, standing in queues, staring at nonsensical status updates on Facebook… 241 more words

Volunteer Basics - Part 1

Back to basics.  We now return to the nitty-gritty of volunteering and  will look at what you need to know to volunteer.  No you do not need to offer your first born (although some days you may want to). 100 more words

So many Challenges...!

It seems that this month is full of challenges- big and small, accidental and self-inflicted. A run-down in my favorite form of posting- a list: 202 more words


Not Writing

I am almost late in adding a post. So, what better but to write about what I do when I am not writing. This was also a topic on the Writing Prompts at The Daily Post. 171 more words


Four Micro-volunteering Opportunities For Association Members On Social Media

Micro-volunteering has become all the rage in association circles and for good reason. Volunteering has always been a key tool for industry organizations because it lowers costs, gets members engaged and participating and improves services by adding a diverse and expert set of voices. 812 more words