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Word element at the beginning of a word root

Changing the prefix will change the meaning

Indicates number, time, position, direction, sense of negation

Prefix- Examples… 83 more words

Food Safety: Simple Points

Twinkle’s Lane

Microorganisms and bacteria are omnipresent everywhere. No matter how much you watch and clean your hands, food, and the dishes, they’re like leeches – from 60% to 30% to 10%, they never really vanish do they? 352 more words


Parts of a Medical word


micro/ (prefix) –  small

scope/ (word root) – instrument to view


macro/ (prefix) –  large

cephal/ (word root) – head

y (suffix) – condition

The Shore

The undulating sea hides many eyes. Oh, what might stir below.

Steel ships tear across the vast silence. Black smoke billows from their engines only to mix with the storm clouds above. 73 more words

Short Story

Optimized Sudoku solver- Haskell to Scala


As hinted at in the first post, I found Abhinav’s posts to be a great source material for learning and (over this weekend) recreation :-) 433 more words