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A second generation atom-level generator. Designed by me. (T.A.G.) Townsend Atomic-level Generator V.2.

So this is the second generation of the Townsend Atom-level Generator (T.A.G.).

It uses gamma and hexaferrum epsilon ferrite to rotate between a layer of pyrolytic carbon within graphene power collection lines. 284 more words


1598. Doorstop

It wasn’t exactly that Thelma was a procrastinator; it’s just that some things get put on the back burner because they’re not overly important. Such was her intention to get a doorstop at her back door, so that the wind wouldn’t slam the door shut when she was trying to get a bit of a breeze blow through the house on hot summer days. 281 more words


1597. A meditation on medication

I suppose Eoin’s death could be described as “sudden”. He’d had chronic heart disease for almost thirty years. Modern medication had kept him alive. He dutifully took all his pills every day and there’s no doubt those pills prolonged his life and gave him a reasonably seemingly carefree quality of living. 303 more words


PNR tremor tracker 2019

This post tracks earth tremors induced by the second phase of fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site in Lancashire. 692 more words


1592. How best to murder a spouse

To poison someone by putting poison in their lemon curd or lacing a black currant pie with arsenic is highly uncreative. It’s very run-of-the-mill. Likewise to get a gun and shoot someone point blank is crass. 375 more words


Monthly Curations - July 2019

(yep, not a lot this month …)

The shrew-like networked GUI equipped microcomputers of Apple were released as products only two years after this central planning dinosaur was postulated.

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1690 Art of learning new

To learn any thing new
is art by which you can
learn it easily & become
expert or champion in it.
* First select what new art… 109 more words