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Optimized Sudoku solver- Haskell to Scala


As hinted at in the first post, I found Abhinav’s posts to be a great source material for learning and (over this weekend) recreation :-) 433 more words


Micro Poem: Transfixed 04/07/20

I am transfixed,
here is my ability
to stare down those eyes –
you take me near and far to
your paradise.
You have dragged me from the cold,
the frigid icy depths,
and set my heart beating freely,
I’m gasping life again.
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Micro Poem: Along the Dotted Line - 03/07/20

Could you condense yourself
into a single line?
You, every fibre of your being,
exposed, viewable, entwined.
Who’s that knocking at the door?
“I’m here”, your intrepid war cry,
single line, single file
your name scrawled with mine. 32 more words

Normally when a new service comes out, early adopters help keep it going till it gets really good. With something like Apple Arcade, you can wait and see; no rush. 17 more words


Micro Poem: Heartfelt Ribbons - 02/07/20

when you breathed life into me,
i felt my tight ribbons unfurl,
the edges of me curling under,
towards my heart,
decorating me whole.

© 2020 Lauren M. 54 more words

Playing Sudoku

Doing the Sudoku solver made me want to play some myself.

I ended up getting this app.

It’s fun, the ads don’t bother me, it has levels ( 18 more words