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We’re reading a list of names.

One of them is unusual and long- and to our American senses, particularly hard to pronounce.

We joke that it is a…

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Learning To Recognize Microaggression

Earlier this week, Ithaca College’s student run newspaper, The Ithacan, published a special opinion piece written by a student. The commentary, which was in response to the… 362 more words


I was standing in line behind three black girls with large, chic hairstyles.

A group of white boys walk by and randomly brush their fingers through their hair like they’re petting animals.

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“Just take a picture of me. No one will be able to tell the difference!”

What my Asian friend said to me when I was trying to find…

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Microaggression Is Everywhere.

This thread today was hilariously infuriating. 

I’ll just leave this here for your reading pleasure. 

I. Can’t. Even. 

This is why I read comments! They’re often worth far more than the article itself!

The Left once famously ate their young. Now they eat their parents…

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