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Brilliant Scheme to Enforce 'Inclusion'--Exclude Everybody!

True diversity at last!

Pity the man who tries to satirize “higher education”! It does such a remarkable job of satirizing itself.

For years, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the orcs from OHRC) have been troubled by what they see as a lack of Diversity in many individuals’ personal circles of friends, and have pondered what to do about it. 245 more words


Safe Space University Certificate of Millennial Entitlement

SPU is selling a Millennial Sense of Entitlement for $20 for that snowflake millennial in your life. Let them know your life. I will custom design certificates for $20 a piece and send it to you in the form of a PDF file. 23 more words

Bias Response Team

Microaggressions: You've Been Victimised

“Ni hao!” says the random white, middle-aged man, grinning profusely as he leans in much too closely for your liking whilst you’re walking down the street. 1,744 more words


Sh*t People Say About My Relationship

Warning for racism and strong abusive language. If you are sensitive to these sorts of things then please do not read on!

Below is a collection of the most racist/insensitive/stupid things that people have said to me since Naveen and I began dating. 224 more words

Intercultural Relationship

Institutional Racism

Institutional racism historically in North America was often done by White or European colonists toward Indigenous and Black people.

An example of institutional racism done by the White colonial Canadian government would be the… 600 more words


Between us

Between me and you, strangers in time and space, there is

nothing. No connection, no knowledge. I do not know

who you are. You do not know who I am. 141 more words

Good Aggrieved

That’s not funny.  What’s the joke?  It doesn’t matter.  The perpetually aggrieved tirelessly monitor our innocuous social media feeds to uncover hatefulness among the jokes about women drivers and Polish men.   770 more words