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Where Are You From? 2, 3, 4

“Where Are You ‘Really’ From? Try Another Question”

Latinos, Asians and people who fall in between the black-white racial binary in the United States are those who are most likely to be asked, often in casual conversation, about their racial or ethnic roots.

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In the 2016 election, Montanans voted nearly 2-to-1 for Donald J. Trump. In Flathead County, the proportion was even greater, with 64 percent of the vote going to DJT. 604 more words

Polite Sexism: Some Thoughts

I am so tired of┬ámen telling me sexism doesn’t exist anymore.

I mean, sure, I don’t walk into work and have men gasping, pointing at me, and loudly demanding to know what a woman is doing unaccompanied by a male escort. 1,475 more words

Exotic quixotic toxic moronic

Okay, so this is interestingly a reverse rant for me. It’s more like I’ve heard other girls rant about it and wanted to offer up my own musings about the word “exotic” to describe women. 882 more words

No more Canfedrate Names Alloued!!

We lets see “that” stopid gye Lee “get” Out of this one!!

See, now he gots “to” change his Name becose It is one of them Canfedrate Notzi names and “iff” he Keeps On using it than he willl be gilty of hat speach!! 187 more words

Just For Fun

To the White Girls Who Called Me "GHETTO"

By NaQima Fatuga Ghetto: Don’t stereotype, know the difference.
What constitutes a “ghetto” person?

Is it someone who is working hard but financially poor compared to the rest society? 549 more words

Google Memos Display Warring Factions

Finally the news about Google’s unacceptable bias reaches the most unexpected shores, the premises of Google.

When Danielle Brown, the new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, was hired, some of Google’s employees started a little revolt. 607 more words