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Men: Use your privilege to help us

Typically, we hear about male privilege – and especially white male privilege – in the context of how it hurts everyone else. Today, I want to point out that – whilst we don’t have to like it – that male privilege can also be used to help women. 521 more words



“Where were you born?”

“Oh, I was born here in Sydney”

“But you don’t look Australian?”

“Yes, um my parents are originally from India.”

“So you’re Indian?” 693 more words


Microaggressions can be taken too far

Written by Clara Kieschnick-Llamas

Asking someone where they’re from, which used to be a simple, commonly-asked question, is now considered offensive by many people. Microaggressions—casual degradations of any socially marginalized group—have been blown out of proportion in the last few years. 532 more words


I Spoke Up

October 6, 2016 marks a new day in my life. The first time I confronted someone about a stereotypical comment they made, or a microaggression. 991 more words


Rows in Hong Kong

I have been in Hong Kong for a month now and I bet I have seen people getting into rows more times here than I have ever witnessed during the three years I was in Beijing. 169 more words


GRRL018: Harassment at shows and support liaisons with Hailey Wojcik

Grrl on Grrl Year Two officially begins with episode 18 featuring solo artist Hailey Wojcik. Stop-motion animator and pop rock extraordinaire, Hailey is a talented artist and musician, dedicated to improving her crafts. 468 more words


Oh, Boy! Earn a Degree in Social Justice!

Eastern Kentucky University has placed itself on the cutting edge of academic piffle by offering a degree in Social Justice ( http://campusreform.org/?ID=5942 ).

So in case you just can’t handle the rigors of a degree program in Superhero Studies, Gender Studies, or Video Gaming, you can sign up for this one, which is intended to equip students for brilliant careers as activists or community organizers. 62 more words

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