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"Nice Guys" and Microaggressions - Learn from a Comic Faerie

The link below will take you to Christine Deneweth’s many-paneled comic that examines a few chivalrous acts, their sexist roots, how they’re microaggressions, and what to do to be kind instead of accidentally committing more microaggressions!


About Us

Welcome to our blog filled with delicious food! Oh, and also experiences of microaggressions we face while dining. We want to share our stories with you and we want to know if you have had similar experiences! 296 more words


Welcom Back to Collidge, Now Shut Up

Its almost time for the new semester to start, and ther wil be lots of new studints on our campas. I has ben here all sumer, workin on my degre in Gender Studies. 221 more words

Culture Rot

Skin Color: The Deciding Factor...Whether It's A Protest or A Mob or A Mere Instance of Disruptive Behavior?

A Microaggression?

When Blacks Protest Against Police Murders It’s A Mob Or Riot…But When Whites Riot It’s Disruptive Behavior

What We Do Is…A Popular Revolt Against A Government or Its Policies; A Rebellion Is An Uprising or Revolt… 528 more words

Hurt Feelings? Dial 911!

September’s coming, and America’s colleges and universities are gearing up for another season of unbridled idiocy, paid for by untold millions of tuition dollars.

Santa Clara University, in California, “prohibits behavior motivated by bias”–which could be practically any behavior at all, depending on how you look at it: is Santa Clara U. 306 more words

Culture Rot

Do You Need Protection from Words?

“In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like”. A fascinating piece that highlights just how absurd political correctness has become. 6 more words