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Two Recent Studies on Implicit Bias and Microaggressions Find Opposite Results of What SJW's Predict

This piece was authored by Austin Henshaw.

This past week has been yuge, as the President-Elect would say, for calling into question concepts taught on university campuses and sometimes practiced in the corporate sector as true. 720 more words

It is time for a moratorium on microaggression 'containment' initiatives.

The microaggression concept and initiatives to contain microaggressions have spread widely among college campuses and, increasingly, businesses. Given its roots in universities, you might think the concept is grounded in sound research. 226 more words

A Silent Shadow

“Germany doesn’t have racism like in America, right?”

As I take a scoop out a piece of the traditional German meal that I learned how to cook, I chuckled at this question asked by a 13-year-old German boy from the upper-middle class. 800 more words

• In this selection from Voices of Reason, reporters Jason Lee and Amy Donaldson Brass talk with University of Utah Professor William A. Smith about racial battle fatigue and micro aggression.

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Micro-Aggressions and Their Macro-Consequences

I wrote this post from a thought I had in the shower, we all know that’s where we do our deepest thinking as the soothing water washes impurities away. 876 more words

Stupid Sh** Racists Say at the Post Office

Sigh. I have two or three blog drafts in my queue right now–about the election, about Standing Rock, about hair as a “text” for reading queerness… 413 more words