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Touching Story Time

By Tara – Contributor

I had actively been avoiding social media for months due to the current political climate.

I like to allow free expression in my circle, but I also like to live in the delusion that everyone I associate with thinks the same as I do. 456 more words


Search Engine Optimized Poet - Safe Space

:::Bongo Drum Beats:::

Hey there all you hep cats and hep kittens. Come on down to the East Randomtown Java Bean, where the poets always stink and the cups are never clean.

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It's Not 'Just a Joke': Why Jokes Matter

The other day I called my friend out on a joke that I found racist, and told him I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to tell it. 1,451 more words


While Some Get Ready for Ramadan with Decorations and Introspection. Others Get Ready for Micro Aggression and Loneliness

It’s that time of the year again. I have  begun to see the blog  and Facebook posts dedicated to the theme of “How are You Getting Ready for Ramadan?” Some of the posts address introspective ideals like: getting your intentions ready, and preparing your mind. 977 more words


Study on Microagressions

Have you heard of microaggressions? If you haven’t the fact that you live a life so free of issues and concern for others that you haev not heard of this blight on society is both a micro aggression to me and proof that you likely microaggress all the time. 245 more words


Coachella, Cultural Appropriation, Micro-Aggression and You

Everything is offensive nowadays

By Karol Markowicz

If you’re looking for something to get needlessly angry about this week, may I suggest salad names?

That’s what got Bonnie Tsui in a tizzy last week  764 more words