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Microaggression: WWJD?

“WWJD”, for those who are unfamiliar with this, is short for “What Would Jesus Do”.  It’s something that some Christians claim they think about when facing a moral dilemma. 3,857 more words

Social Issues

Letter To My Son's Teacher. Send?

Please see below the letter I wrote to my son’s teacher at his all-boys high school. I waited a full week before writing it.  Should I send it? 322 more words

Community College

The Fallacy of Ithaca College's Microaggression Reporting System

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Ithaca College recently voted to create an online reporting system for microaggressions. This bizarre system would collect the demographic information of the supposed micro-offenders. 402 more words

Campus & Local

Black Theatre in the (Post-) Obama Era

Lisa Thompson talk, Performances of Cultural Trauma: Black Theatre in the (Post-) Obama Era, expresses the power behind art like theatre, art, music, dance, and style. 444 more words


Did the room get a little darker?

Did the room get a little darker?
You spewed with hate,
a joke or comment that didn’t really take.
Did the room get a little darker? 229 more words


True Life: Microaggression

I am Latina, Hispanic, Latin American, Dominican and that is something that I can never deny. Denying this part of myself would mean denying the fact that my family and I spoke a completely different language then what was taught in my schools, my dark, coarse curly hair, my sunkissed skin, my people’s long history and who I am. 1,196 more words