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Daily WTF: Gym Equipment Isn't Made for Women

This month I returned to the gym after almost nine months off. I’d been doing body weight exercises and stretches at home as well as walking and running, but I wanted to get back to lifting. 503 more words

Daily WTF

Good For You?

I remember the first time I was publicly fat shamed. I was a 16 years old and on a class trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum in Manhattan for leadership training.   651 more words

Self Love

Capitalist Dystopia Part 3——Fissures in Paradise: First World Problems or Micro-dystopias, Bullshit Jobs, and the Seeds of Bourgeois Alienation

Proponents of Neoliberalisms have described access to free markets and free trade as a kind of global panacea.[i] It is often said that were the developing world willing to adopt a more… 2,155 more words



Hello, all.

For some of you who don’t know what “microaggression” is, it is a term that means to describe something along the lines of “unintended discrimination.” In other words, it is a behavior that, while the perpetrator might not have been conscious of, it has the lasting effects of intended discrimination on the victim. 1,357 more words


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Rant on inherent racism in America. Important read.

Solidarity Amidst Microaggression

For any movement, group or organization, learning to fight well across the privilege gap means everything about its capacity to develop, as one activist put it, “non-oppressive solidarity.”  That is, solidarity that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone falling in line with or giving into the white dude, and, here’s the kicker, even when the ideas he presents have substantive merit.  3,627 more words

Stopping The Destruction

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Commits Microaggressions Against Obama!

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei has just openly committed a series of microaggressions against President Obama! Look at his tweet and attached picture: 373 more words


MU Diversity Tsar Advises School Faculty and Students To be on Lookout For Professors Who Break PC Protocol

Just one week after Missouri became the second state in the country to ban the use of so-called free speech zones on public college campuses, administrators, students, and faculty at the University of Missouri were advised to seek out and castigate those who would violate PC language directives. 519 more words