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An Edited Lifestory

Recently someone told me,

“I see you and you’re going everywhere. So many events and places.”

This is from someone who has met me maybe once before at a common friend’s home.

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Chronic Thinker

Discrediting Comments

In the past, I’ve wrote about being overly sensitive, and how thick skin is needed to be a stepmom (Let’s Meet in the Middle. 503 more words

Family + Relationships

Response to Rankine's Citizens

The awareness of the social issue of racism has been raised, but the racial tension exists when it comes to identity, and it is performed in many forms such as language, non-verbal body language, actions, etc. 307 more words

Why have people stopped questioning my dark skin?

If my accent doesn’t give it away (which it usually does) since living abroad, people often ask me “Where are you from?” and I obviously answer with “London.” People usually then mention the much loved British accent or ask why… 515 more words

New City

Me too, me too, me too

Why don’t people name the culprits when they say #metoo, you say.

How do you name the culprit, I ask.

You should, you insist. You should. 479 more words