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The Coddling of the American Mind

As I read through the article about how American university students are becoming overly sensitive to comments which they feel in some way offend them, I realized something of the same nature is probably happening in India too. 195 more words


If It Bothers You, It's NOT Stupid

Whenever someone jokingly and sub-consciously insults me, I’m..well, insulted. But I try to brush it off and make it seem like whatever that person said didn’t affect me. 485 more words

Learners explore the relationship of “respect” to definitions and examples of prejudice, bias, racism, and stereotype. Students discover how prejudices are learned and reflect on how to be more respectful of others. 8 more words



Nothing exciting enough scientifically to post about this week, so enjoy this. “We have enough neurologists in the Air Force, please resign your commission as you will be assigned to the Army.” This was followed in May 1968 by an Army preference for assignment form so out of date, that if I extended my two year tour to four I could take my family with me to Vietnam. 429 more words

Social Issues ( Be Civil ! )

Repeated experiences of racism most damaging to mental health 

For the first time, research reveals how harmful repeated racial discrimination can be on mental and physical health. The study looked at the accumulation of experiences of racial attacks over time including being shouted at, being physically attacked, avoiding a place, or feeling unsafe because of one’s ethnicity. 11 more words


Micro Aggressions-The problems of a spoiled, entitled, weak culture.

My brother introduced me to ¬†“micro-aggressions” not that long ago. This just proves that people who have it in them to complain, will always find something to bitch about. 94 more words