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It's not "just hair"

– What’s the matter with Ms Gretchen?
I asked her neighbour at four
– I tried to give her some mail this morning
But she wouldn’t open the door… 348 more words

On Micro- and Macrofeminism

I have been confronting issues, for which macrofeminist and microfeminist issue alignment, or more precisely, the lack of a means to align these spheres, makes feminists miserable or saps our agency. 1,758 more words

10 Million Ways to Be an Asshole

By Vandee

Please comment or I’ll never learn.

Getting away from the Election stuff, this is something I’ve wanted to tackle for some time, it’s just taken this long for the proper angle to present itself: 775 more words


When gratitude goes bad

Among the many things that have been clawing at my brain lately, there’s this renewed passion for expressing gratitude among my friends and acquaintances on Twitter and FB.   942 more words


what they said (and didn't)


she’s visiting, blonde
she’s working on a documentary about caste
in india
and she tells us about it and then asks my coworker
do you work for ghetto film school? 246 more words

22 Poems By An Unpoet

Are Students Too Sensitive?

I sat down to write a short story on this painting by Montréal’s Sylvie Adams. A sickness followed me as I sat down and I knew that the words would come through forced. 1,066 more words


Microaggressions - a Strategy from the Strong Grid/Weak Group Quadrant

I put forward here a modest suggestion for further bona fide academic work for anyone working with the Cultural Theory ideas of Mary Douglas. 527 more words