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Trigger Warning

 Micro-aggressions, Privilege Theory, Safe Spaces deemed acceptable by Capitalism


Opinion: The participation trophy generation has spoken

 There it is. A recent survey shows that 40% of millennial are okay with limited free speech because although sticks and stones will break their bones, names will always do deeper damage.


Ben Shapiro speaks out against "microaggression" oversensitivity at U of Missouri

My favorite political podcast is The Weekly Standard, and my favorite cultural podcast is Ben Shapiro. I really recommend subscribing to both and listening to them. 496 more words


Pew Research: 40% of millenials oppose free speech

First, let’s see the data, then we’ll talk about who made this happen, and what Christians can do about it.

This is the raw data is from the leftist… 760 more words


The Agony of Reading Books by the Wrong Color People

Every time you think America’s university system has hit bottom, it lurches down another notch. You’re gonna just love this story from Columbia University–under Herbert Marcuse in the 1960s, one of the original hatcheries of American Stalinism. 252 more words


Review: How Comedians Learn to Use Humor to Raise Awareness and Consciousness of Social and Political Issues

I can only stomach Nancy Goldman’s — correction: Doctor Goldman’s — abstract and cannot dive any deeper than this at this point, mainly due to the fact I don’t want to develop a Percocet addiction. 568 more words