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GRRL018: Harassment at shows and support liaisons with Hailey Wojcik

Grrl on Grrl Year Two officially begins with episode 18 featuring solo artist Hailey Wojcik. Stop-motion animator and pop rock extraordinaire, Hailey is a talented artist and musician, dedicated to improving her crafts. 468 more words


Oh, Boy! Earn a Degree in Social Justice!

Eastern Kentucky University has placed itself on the cutting edge of academic piffle by offering a degree in Social Justice ( http://campusreform.org/?ID=5942 ).

So in case you just can’t handle the rigors of a degree program in Superhero Studies, Gender Studies, or Video Gaming, you can sign up for this one, which is intended to equip students for brilliant careers as activists or community organizers. 62 more words

Public Education

Jim Crow Is Back!

So what was that Civil Rights movement all about, anyway?

Guess what Cal State Los Angeles has. Well, you’ll never guess, so I’ll tell you: racially segregated student housing! 162 more words


Down Whith Micro Gresion!

So i “was” jist walkin ruond the Campuss this moaning “and” Theese twoo other stodents they waked passt me and One she sayes to “the” other Hey lookit “the freek whith” the Moth Antenners meening Me! 219 more words

Just For Fun

9 questions atheists find insulting? Bollocks

No one is going to learn anything from anybody if one side lays down rules about what the other side is allowed to say, before the discussion even starts…

1,163 more words

My Alma Mater! Hot Dog! (It's an Idiot Factory)

Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil: your Rutgers education

I just can’t wait till the next time Rutgers University calls me up and asks me for money! 132 more words


Adventures of Super Single Woman III

By Puja

Last time we were with Super Single Woman, she had met a new friend, Svengali. Svengali give her a list of rules to live by, mostly they were tools for her to become self-actualized. 274 more words