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Harnessing microbial machinery in the hunt for new antibiotics

Global antibiotic resistance is a threat to our very existence. We need ingenious ways to discover new bug-defeating drugs, and fast. Now, new approaches have emerged to explore the depths of microbe biochemistry for previously unexploited compounds. 1,198 more words

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Microbes play a direct role in climate change

Scientists have known that microbes living in the ground can play a major role in producing atmospheric carbon that can accelerate climate change, but now researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have discovered that soil microbes from historically wetter sites are more sensitive to moisture and emit significantly more carbon than microbes from historically drier regions. 573 more words

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When I was little, I was pretty much a bubble child. I was allergic to grass, most pollen and the bougainvillea growing on the side of my house. 784 more words


Bio Logic

Archaea over
the hill
Bacteria germinate
an idea
The Fungi at the end
of the bar
Me thinks he dost
Protista too much
“Yes.” 17 more words


What are some ways to test if you have good gut bacteria?

What constitutes good gut bacteria? What’s their benchmark? We have no clue. Economics of gene sequencing technology means fecal microbiome sequencing costs (1) a fraction of what it did just a few years back. 619 more words


What is the function of bacteria in the human mouth?

Most of the data available so far identifies bacterial species that tend to be associated with healthy versus diseased oral cavities but not much is known about exactly what health-associated ones do apart from keeping out the disease-associated ones. 2,394 more words