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How did the need for vaccination to newborn babies arise when humans evolved facing a lot of health problems over generations?

Answer by Tirumalai Kamala:

In other words, since we evolved without vaccines, why do we need them now? Pre-vaccines, how many humans, including babies, died from vaccine-preventable infections? 211 more words


The 3 Types Of Superbug Bacteria Most Likely To Infect You

(CBS SF) — The outbreak of a “superbug” bacteria, killing two patients and sickening seven more is just a symptom of an increasingly alarming trend of bacteria evolving to survive the most stringent disinfectants and antibiotic regimes. 571 more words


Consider the Microbe

All too often, in our considerations of the wild, we overlook the simple, microscopic life that lives in absolute abundance around us, in us and on us. 295 more words

Probing Microbial Dark Matter and Discovering a Novel Antibiotic

Last week Kim Lewis’s lab at Northeastern University published a paper in Nature describing a novel antibiotic they call teixobactin, marking the first discovery of a natural antibiotic in decades1. 889 more words

January 13, 2015 - Giant E. coli

I’ve always loved the “Giant Microbes” toy series, and our lab decided to get some…as our mascots? Makes sense as we are a bio lab, after all, and here is one of a giant E. 6 more words

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Mice Fat Is Fighting Off Infection

Beyond physical barriers such as skin, our main protection against marauding bacteria and viruses is the immune system. This is a complex network of cells with sophisticated weapons such as antibodies, which recognise and destroy foreign cells and proteins.

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