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To Avoid Contact With Others Would Cause Your Soul to Rot

I listened to an interesting talk show on the radio this morning which was about fermentation. According to it, fermentation and putrefaction are different things. Putrefaction is mainly caused by a particular single microbe, while fermentation by a lot of microbes and as the result of their cooperation, ingredients good for human bodies are produced. 383 more words


Stave off the winter blahs with an engrossing read

Two new novels, a thriller and a mystery, promise unusual excitement in diverse settings. Brendan Reilly’s An Unbeaten Man moves from a deceptively serene college campus in Brunswick, Maine, to a hidden laboratory in the United Arab Emirates, to a showdown at an isolated dacha outside Moscow. 611 more words

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Root Microbiomes Influence Plant Growth and DevelopmentRoot Microbiomes Influence Plant Growth and Development

By Meghan Bialt-DeCelie

Image acquired from: http://www.the-scientist.com/images/January2013/microbe_infograph_full.jpg

Figure 1: The community of microorganisms that live around and in the tissues of plants can affect the plant’s growth and development. 183 more words

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Is bacteria to blame for obesity?

Stanford professor, Justin Sonnenberg, seems to think that obesity has something to do with the 100 trillion microbes living in our bodies.


Well, gut microbes influence fat storage, insulin secretion and manage the hormones that make us feel hungry or full. 218 more words


What are some examples of animals in the natural environment exposing themselves to some variant of weak pathogens to enhance their immunity? This will be a perfect response to anti-vax philosophy.

Currently we’re living through a revolutionary re-evaluation of the biological definition of human (1). Aggregate data indisputably reveals that we are each not so much individuals as mammalian-microbe ecosystems. 615 more words


The Secret World Inside Each of Us

This past summer I read, with much interest and delight, Gut by Giulia Enders, and in preparing for this blog post this 20-minute interview with Giulia showed up in a search. 532 more words

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TCM: arsenic trioxide

What is the story of arsenic trioxide?

Recently, it has been reported that a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) product, which claims to treat eczema, was found to contain dangerously high levels of arsenic.The product in question is the TCM Reciple Licozen Ointment.  415 more words