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CoReCo – New metabolic modelling tool for the production strain development

by Mikko Arvas

Metabolic engineering is required to make a microbe to produce a new chemical or to improve the production of an existing product. But how to select the right genes and pathways to be engineered? 478 more words


Kill It. Maim It. Mimic It.

In my field, stories of famous scientific discoveries are like childhood fairy tales. Ask any immunologist and they can tell you the one about Jenner, the milkmaids, and the neighbor boy (wow, that almost sounded dirty). 1,981 more words


Dr Mercola: Avian Flu Outbreak Among Chickens - STOP eradicating microbes with antibiotics - we NEED microbes to stay healthy!

Dr. Mercola: Factory Farmed Foods Responsible for Most Foodborne Outbreaks

US authorities are very heavy-handed when it comes to “protecting” you from unadulterated organic foods, such as raw milk and artisan cheeses, ostensibly because such foods have not been processed to the point that any and all microbes have been eradicated.

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Deep Sea Cousins - a poem by Kate Rauner

A mass of gel.
Has organelles.
There lives a form
Deep in the seas
That shares some genes
With both of these.
Say scientists who made the find… 227 more words


Anything else?

Hello, on this post I would like to introduce storing and monitoring. Both of them are essential for maintaining the quality of disinfection/sterilization.  148 more words


9 Types Of Bacteria You Didn't Know You're Sharing Your House With

They owe me rent!

We all know that the homes we believe belong to us are actually varied landscapes in which billions of creatures live, but we usually try not to think about our microbial roommates.

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The planet series shows something that people consider as the biggest thing in the world and something that can be only seen under the microscope at the same time. 33 more words