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From Nature: "Lab staple agar hit by seaweed shortage"


08 December 2015
Ewen Callaway

Restrictions on harvests and exports of Gelidium seaweed in Morocco have affected the global supply of the lab reagent agar.Abdelhak Senna/AFP/Getty… 1,158 more words

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From NOVA: "Pushing the Limits of Life"


04 Nov 2015
Carrie Arnold

Everywhere scientists have looked on Earth, they have found signs of life. They’ve looked in the deepest oceans and the driest deserts, and in every case, life—in some form or another—was flourishing. 3,387 more words

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From LBL: "Scientists Call for National Effort to Understand and Harness Earth’s Microbes for Health, Energy, Agriculture, and Environment"

Berkeley Lab

October 28, 2015
Dan Krotz 510-486-4019

Berkeley Lab’s Microbes to Biomes initiative is designed to reveal, decode and harness microbes. Its goals are closely aligned with that of the Unified Microbiome Initiative, a national effort proposed by scientists. 815 more words

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How many PCR cycles should I use to create an amplicon library?

One of my side projects deals with the gut microbiota of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua). In 2014 we published a pilot experiment on this where we sequenced the 16S rRNA to get a taxonomical overview of the microbial gut content of 11 Cod specimens caught in the Oslofjord, Norway. 800 more words


Better living through microbes at Hot Science - Cool Talks

Microbes have been in the news a lot lately, usually as part of a video or story about the problems they cause, as with the case of… 546 more words

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My antibiotics addiction means trouble for you!

The statement that antibiotics are addictive is of course nonsense, but my experiences with this type of medicine gives me often a different feeling. I will explain why… and get rid of some frustration on the way… 1,551 more words


From PNNL: "Decoding Microbial Interactions"


December 2014
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Deep sequencing gives insights into mechanisms of microbial interactions

Results: As scientists strive to gain a systems-level understanding of microbial communities, their task grows increasingly more complex. 437 more words

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