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A short list of tools for shotgun metagenomics

We are currently finalizing our work on the analysis of metagenomes for soils taken from the Etosha National Park, Namibia. These soils were interesting since Zebra blood containing the nasty bug… 644 more words


From PNNL: "Consorting with the Right Microbes"


March 2016
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Using microbial consortia may boost success of biotechnologies

Results: Around the world, researchers are studying microbes to see if these tiny organisms can be used to solve a host of problems, from cleaning up toxic waste to providing renewable energy. 766 more words

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From PNNL: "Microbes may not be so adaptable to climate change"


March 15, 2016
Tom Rickey, PNNL, (509) 375-3732

Microbes in the soil are central players converting carbon into greenhouse gases.
Courtesy of Alice Dohnalkova/PNNL…
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From Nature: "Lab staple agar hit by seaweed shortage"


08 December 2015
Ewen Callaway

Restrictions on harvests and exports of Gelidium seaweed in Morocco have affected the global supply of the lab reagent agar.Abdelhak Senna/AFP/Getty… 1,158 more words

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From NOVA: "Pushing the Limits of Life"


04 Nov 2015
Carrie Arnold

Everywhere scientists have looked on Earth, they have found signs of life. They’ve looked in the deepest oceans and the driest deserts, and in every case, life—in some form or another—was flourishing. 3,387 more words

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From LBL: "Scientists Call for National Effort to Understand and Harness Earth’s Microbes for Health, Energy, Agriculture, and Environment"

Berkeley Lab

October 28, 2015
Dan Krotz 510-486-4019

Berkeley Lab’s Microbes to Biomes initiative is designed to reveal, decode and harness microbes. Its goals are closely aligned with that of the Unified Microbiome Initiative, a national effort proposed by scientists. 815 more words

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