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Plasmodium knowlesi: A New Ancient Malaria Parasite

There are over a hundred different species of the malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites in reptiles, birds and mammals. Being so widespread among terrestrial vertebrates, zoonotic transfer of… 884 more words


Midterms: Check!

This past week took me for all I had. For many it was a calm week before Easter break, but for me and several others, it was quite the opposite. 762 more words


The Strange Location of Your Second Brain by braincraft: The...

The Strange Location of Your Second Brain

by braincraft:

The trillions of bacteria in your gut have more of a relationship with your brain than you may realise.

Five answers to the question 'why microbes?'

Last month, Amelia gave us five great reasons to love plants. But plants aren’t the only species worked on at the John Innes Centre that lack the respect they deserve. 1,005 more words

Isabel Webb

Rotavac is not India's first indigenous vaccine

While the recently released low-cost rotavirus vaccine, Rotavac, is a great achievement for the country, it is not the “first indigenously developed vaccine”, as the… 679 more words


Winter Reading

Well since spring is officially here, I guess I’m overdue in posting my winter reading. For being snowed in several weekends this winter, I think I must have done more hibernating than reading/work! 310 more words


Widespread gene transfer has potential to provide a new arsenal of antibiotics

By Vanessa Ellison

It is no overstatement that antibiotics are wonder drugs. Since their discovery antibiotics have contributed to an increase in lifespan by providing a remedy for community and nosocomial bacterial infections ( 1,199 more words