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Prevalence of Tuberculosis Infection in a Cohort of Cattle that Enters the Food Chain in Accra, Ghana using Bovigam

Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a group of bacteria collectively known as the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex . The commonest strain of Mycobacterium found among TB patients in Ghana is the M. 149 more words


What is the function of bacteria in the human mouth?

Most of the data available so far identifies bacterial species that tend to be associated with healthy versus diseased oral cavities but not much is known about exactly what health-associated ones do apart from keeping out the disease-associated ones. 2,394 more words


What I'm Reading

“Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body,” written by: Jo Marchant.

Jo Marchant is a science journalist and author that has worked as an editor at… 154 more words


“Microbes around us” outreach event with Northwood Primary School, 15.03.17

Written by Jo Moran

Last week Mal Horsburgh and I welcomed Northwood Primary School to the IIB, where they undertook activities to teach them about the microbes that surround us all every day. 168 more words


Try to stay still for your bone portrait.

I was recently at the dentist for a check-up and they had a chart on the wall, kind of like this one here.  In short it tells you how much radiation you’re exposed to when you engage in different activities.   864 more words


VRE on Chrom Agar

E. faecalis that is Vancomycin resistant on Chrom agar (blue green colour)

E. faecium on VRE Chrom agar (violet colour)


Role of Neutrophils Apoptosis in Osteomyelitis Pathogenesis

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection characterized by progressive inflammatory destruction of the infected bone and new apposition of bone at the site of infection. In adults, … 84 more words