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Hematopathology Case Study: A 69 Year Old Female with Persistent Monocytosis

Case History

A 69 year old female with a past medical history significant for endometrial adenocarcinoma, traumatic brain injury, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and persistent monocytosis (absolute monocyte count ranging from 1.6-3.7 K/uL) who had an indeterminate lesion identified in the T5 vertebra, read as “hemangioma, although surrounding edema is worrisome for malignancy” upon staging imaging for history of endometrial carcinoma. 1,054 more words


Young Innovators: U of S 'bat men' shed light on bat 'super immunity'

University of Saskatchewan (U of S) researchers may have unlocked the secret behind bat “super immunity” to deadly respiratory diseases such as SARS.

Coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) cause serious and often fatal disease in people, but bats seem unharmed. 508 more words

University Of Saskatchewan

Microbiology Case Study: A 60 Year Old Male with Longstanding Skin Lesions

Case History

A 60 year old male from Louisiana presents to his family doctor with a chief complaint of longstanding skin lesions for approximately the last two years. 723 more words


How microbes affect plant life?

The Research Topic, published in Frontiers in Plant Science & Frontiers in Microbiology, aims to cover all aspects of biotrophic plant-microbe interactions.

— By Tanya Petersen… 1,066 more words


Analyzing without Lysing: Non-Damaging Techniques for Monitoring Cells

Author: Sarah Kearns

Editors: Whit Froehlich, Ada Hagan, and Irene Park

The interior of a cell is inherently complex with a myriad of processes going on all at once. 972 more words


Breaking the Oxygen Barrier in Microbial Cultivation

Oxygen comprises one fifth of our atmosphere, and we take for granted that this a good thing. After all, aerobic creatures like ourselves could not exist without free O2.

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