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Teaching Microbiology -An Adventure in Identifying Microbes

Hi All,

For all who did not attend Maryland Day this year, the Micallef Food Safety lab had hand washing exhibits,  bacteria viewing under the microscope, and adventures to find out what microbe you most identify with! 69 more words


The Plan for Summer 2016

Ah summer, a time to relax, to avoid the outdoors at all costs between the hours of 10am and 5pm, and to figure stuff out. I’m in my second year of the UBRP program (look on the… 342 more words



Okay, here is the final product. Don’t judge my flat bread! I”ll explain why my bread didn’t do so hot when it was being baked. Regardless of my failure, I’m proud I was able to keep it alive this long, and more importantly that I didn’t give up. 390 more words


Day 20

Got the leaven prepped and ready for overnight incubation. Why does it look all lumpy and stuff? Not too sure, maybe not enough water? We’ll see. 269 more words


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Microbes

Now that we’ve laid a foundation for microbial activity early in Earth’s history, we will start discussing some of the exciting research going on at… 959 more words

Life without oxygen - getting started with anaerobic microorganisms

For most of us, culturing bacteria is usually quick and easy. With pre-poured plates, ready-made media, purpose built flasks and shakers that stay within a fraction of a degree of the temperature you set them to, culturing cells on agar or in liquid is almost second nature to microbiologists. 1,060 more words


Microbiology Case Study: 25 Year Old Male with a Sore Throat


A 25 year old male presents to the Emergency Department with a right sided sore throat for the past 3 days which radiates to the right ear. 702 more words