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Microbiology Case Study: A 34 Year Old Female with Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Tender Extremities

Case History

A 34 year old female presented to the emergency department with a chief complaint of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as well as tenderness in her extremities. 621 more words


Of Space Germs and Cassini's Big Finish.

For the past twenty years, a whopping 1.2 billion kilometres away from Earth, a little unmanned spacecraft called the Cassini-Huygens has been orbiting Saturn and faithfully collecting… 1,226 more words


The story behind the paper

We recently published a paper on genomic surveillance of a diarrhoeal pathogen Shigella sonnei across Latin America which represented the culmination of over five years of collaboration, as well as training and development in the region… 532 more words


Blood doping is SO last season: Cyclists might be 'poop doping' soon

By Marissa Payne

To be a professional cyclist, one must have guts, microbiologist Lauren Peterson says, and she doesn’t just mean that in the metaphorical sense. 728 more words


Industrial Microbiologist Interview

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Naren Narendranath is 8,000 miles – and a cultural world away – from his native India.

But that hasn’t kept Narendranath from thriving in his seven years as POET’s Fermentation Research Director. 786 more words



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Logic of Life: the Challenge of Integrative Physiology

Logic of Life: the Challenge of Integrative Physiology, edited by C Boyd & Denis Noble

Synopsis: A highly challenging collection of essays by eminent scientists on the theme of integrative approaches to physiological questions, this book discusses the changing boundaries between different disciplines in modern experimental biology. 202 more words