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Microbiology Case Study: A 46 Year Old Man Newly Diagnosed with HIV

Clinical Case

A 46 year old male with history of anal HPV with AIN II and anal fissure status-post sphincterectomy and fissurectomy, tobacco and cannabis use, and recent shingles outbreak presented with 1 year of diarrhea, fevers, chills and weight loss and a 2 week history of congestion and productive cough. 528 more words


Amoebae - Entamoeba histolytica

Hi guys, its been a long time since I did a post on any organisms (will also try to get a post up on Transfusion soon). 654 more words


Mary Kathryn "M.K." Smith, Ph.D.

Title: Head of Clinical Testing and Development Laboratory
Company: Takeda Vaccines
Location: Longmont, CO United States

Initially, Dr. Mary Kathryn Smith began her career as a social worker working with developmentally-disabled clients. 292 more words


Fungal Super Glue - Biofilms

Biofilms are arguably the most common state of microbial growth found in nature and in patients infected with pathogenic organisms. A feature of prokaryotic and eukaryotic biofilms is their production of an extracellular matrix. 195 more words


Rapid System to Assess Teratogenicity of Drugs / Toxicants

Various developmental and reproductive associated health ailments are caused due to chemicals and environmental toxicants exposure that are widely present in our surroundings. Most drugs and chemicals constitute hazards to the developing embryos, which have been established by several epidemiological and molecular studies. 188 more words

Novel Anti-Retroviral Drug Targets: Interfering siRNA and Mitochondrial TERT Expression

The following three discoveries, identification of master gene regulator targets, small molecules capable of altering gene expression, and availability of drug delivery by viral and non- viral carriers to organ, cell and mitochondrial-sites provide the potential for magic bullets for multiple human pathologies. 163 more words


Zombie outbreak: more likely than you might think

Have you ever wondered which infectious agents could cause a real-life “zombie outbreak”?

Simon Odekunle

Since their conception in the 1600s by Haitian slaves (Mariani, 2016), zombies have grown to be a staple of 21st century pop culture. 1,222 more words