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Music Time Machines

So we’re leaving Short Creek (our local kid-turned-Nashville celebrity was back home playing tonight) and I can’t get over how music does things. We’ve been out of college for four years now, but freshman year still feels real. 23 more words

Farm Wife

Right on, Target?

Target found itself under social media fire towards the end of last month, as a result of selling t-shirts that read TROPHY, MRS, and THIS IS MY BACKSTAGE PASS… 361 more words



Is it possible to tell a story one sentence at a time? Well, The Personal Project tries to. Check out this one-sentence daily blog project of one woman’s journey to find happiness. 556 more words


We will help you..

Last week when I was about to give bath to Dheer, I noticed that a pigeon was sitting in the duct hole of our restroom. Seeing it suddenly, I switched on the exhaust fan assuming it would move away due to the sound. 227 more words



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Happy Sunday, y’all!

My old knee tweak is back. I stopped at like mile 3 yesterday of my long run to get my knee strap, which helped some for the rest of the run, but it still swelled afterwards and by the time we left the demo derby in C-ville, it looked like a certifiable limp. 37 more words

Farm Wife

The irony: Al Jazeera reports on El Salvador's violence epidemic

In a recent article, Al Jazeera reports on El Salvador’s alarming rate of 1 murder per hour.

Another article focuses on the recent transportation crisis caused by death threats to bus drivers. 13 more words


What does Trump's popularity say about our society?

That we are tired of politicians who put votes before their constituency’s welfare? Perhaps.

If so many people cheer when Mr. Trump complains about political correctness, are they really saying they miss days gone by, when words like n****r and f*****t could be tossed around without worrying about a n****r or a f*****t overhearing and confronting them? 212 more words