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Microblogging: Twitter

I know what you are thinking just from the title: “Is she serious? Twitter isn’t a type of blogging site.” I know Twitter does not seem like it is a blog, but it technically can be considered one. 480 more words

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New Review

Joy (2016). I wasn’t sure about Joy before seeing it. I love Silver Linings, but thought American Hustle was one of the most overrated films of the decade. 106 more words

New Review

The Big Short (2016). I saw The Big Short at a Screen Unseen showing (A preview of a film that isn’t know to the audience before they go in) and was delighted that it was this one. 113 more words

New Review

The Revenant (2016). Well and truly in award season, I used my favoured Sunday lunchtime session to see Iñárritu’s latest offering. Insatiably hyped, but quite an impressive feature overall. 176 more words

You Can Run But You Can't Hide from Task Assignment

Around last week, they told me that they needed me to go to Singapore, to be an interpreter for a project involving a new system package to go live. 76 more words


New Review

Sicario (2015). I finally got round to waching Sicario after months of my Dad telling me to! A dark thriller, revolving around Mexican drug lords and the FBI, Sicario is excellent. 111 more words

Imagine The Possibilities 

I’ll walk the plank, I’ll call your bluff
I’ll take that leap, I’ll never look back

One way journey to success, side stepping no longer… 50 more words