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Superintendent Blogging Practices: CHAPTER ONE; Definition of terms

by Robert “Bob” Lewandowski

Blog: The word blog is short for weblog. The word is a contraction based upon the words web and log. Web is short for world wide web. 242 more words

Superintendent Blogging Practices: CHAPTER ONE; Introduction

by Robert “Bob” Lewandowski

School superintendents must enhance relationships through communication, as they are linked to organizational outcomes (Kowalski, 2005). There are changing expectations of the superintendency in regard to traditional communication and social media. 959 more words

Tumblr Take 2

I’m giving Tumblr another chance. I know I wrote a post a while back commenting that Tumblr wasn’t for me . Well, I just couldn’t give it up. 115 more words

Random Thoughts

Microblog me This

I am obviously a micro blogger people. That should be a given by now. The quick “short write” isn’t as easy as it looks. I challenge you to write an inspiring or informative post in under 500 words. 31 more words


The Art of Hashtag

Far too often, I witness posts with horrific usage of the hashtag. From typos to full sentences being used, this butchery has to stop. Hashtagging is an art, it requires creativity and thoughtful words and if done correctly, it can raise your profile by starting discussions, raising awareness, and generating visibility. 315 more words

Public Relations


I’m happy with how 2015 got off well in terms of work and school. I’m into the last lap in my studies and I can’t wait to be over with it. 300 more words