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Road Kill.

The other night I witnessed something that shook me to my core. It is still bothering me.

Maybe its the fact that my soul connects with animals, or maybe it’s just the southern girl in me. 718 more words

Car Accident

Microchipping 101

All cats and kittens from Lina’s Cat Rescue are fitted with a microchip. But there are a lot of myths about microchips that can lead to them being useless! 604 more words

Radio Documentary - Microchipping with Cats

1 in 2 people in Britain own a household pet. That means half of our population have an animal that is a huge part of their lives. 148 more words

Pet Relocation 101: A Study in Passports and Shoeboxes

Most people move at least once in their lifetime and others quite frequently; however, moving with pets can be an entirely different game as our staff members have discovered. 1,620 more words


Pet Charter, Improving Animal Welfare Laws

Despite many politicians being bombarded with ideas and requests from dog owners and professionals, the laws never seem to change to something we all want.  With an election looming, what do dog owners really think is needed to protect dogs and the public?   261 more words


Stolen Dog Reunited Despite Travelling 150 Miles In 24 Hours

A three year old dog, stolen from her garden, has been reunited with her loving owner thanks to her microchip and the help of Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for microchipped pets. 535 more words


It's National Pet ID Week

So, it’s Pet ID Week – do you know where your pets are?

Just kidding. But are you prepared if you didn’t know where they were? 379 more words

Veterinary Medicine