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It's National Pet ID Week

So, it’s Pet ID Week – do you know where your pets are?

Just kidding. But are you prepared if you didn’t know where they were? 379 more words

Veterinary Medicine

National Pet ID Week

To mark ongoing efforts to keep companion animals safe, the third week in April has been deemed National Pet ID Week.  The veterinarians at Lange Animal Clinic want to remind our clients of the importance of making certain that you take precautionary measures to ensure the chances of recovering your pet, in the event he or she gets lost, are better than not taking any important measures. 376 more words

Pekin Il

How much does a dog cost?

One of the biggest problems I think we have in the UK (and maybe across the world) are the people who decide to become dog owners without actually understanding the commitment and costs involved. 320 more words


Furry Tails: National Pet ID Week

Every two seconds.

“A family pet is lost every two seconds.”

Has your dog ever gotten loose from his leash during a walk in the park? 406 more words


Microchipping is nothing to laugh about

The Bible says laughter is like medicine for the soul (Proverbs 17:22).  In the book of Job, Job was told by God that “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting” (Job 8:21). 641 more words

Mandatory Microchipping by 2017

Dateline NBC presented in 2007 a prediction that all Americans would be microchipped by the year 2017. Their reports suggested that the implanted RFID microchips would be used by the US government to control its citizens. 80 more words