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The Fish-O-Matic: Thoughts

Here’s the link to the article that I’m talking about:  The Fish-O-Matic

This is a smaller, indoor version of something that I’ve considered doing.  I’ve been interested in hydroponics since reading older Heinlein, Asimov, and Norton sci-fi, and how it could combine air and water recycling, along with providing food.   175 more words


Microcontroller (Intel P8051AH)

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PT8211 Audio Shield for Teensy

Paul Stoffregen has shared this Teensy audio shield:

PT8211 Audio Shield for Teensy

PT8211 is an inexpensive 16 bit stereo DAC.

This small breakout board connects the PT8211 to Teensy 3.2, Teensy 3.5 or Teensy 3.6.

Shared Projects

Giant Functional LEGO NES Controller

Bob Baddeley writes on Hackaday:

Giant Solderless LEGO NES Controller Gives Everyone Tiny Hands

built a giant NES controller out of LEGO. The controller is designed in LEGO Digital Designer, which lets you create a virtual model, then get a full list of parts which can be ordered online.

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Switch on and off LED in Arduino using PySerial

When one starts off learning about Arduino, the Blind LED is one of the most popular programs to begin with. As you go up the learning ladder you find asking the question of ‘Hang on! 225 more words


Microcontroller-ul Pic 16F877a în stoc!

 A apărut  în stoc la magazinul online  TME , 15 bucăți de microchip-uri Pic 16F877a.

Mai multe detalii link  Video – Achizitie microcontroller