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A Hacker’s Guide to Understanding Controllers

Hey! In this article, I’ll be talking about controllers: What they are, what are their types and why we use them. Controllers are one of the most important, but often, the most neglected part of a system design and even I didn’t know much about them until I had to use them in a project I was working on very recently. 3,021 more words


Microchip – Next-generation in-circuit debugger offers unparalleled speed and flexibility

Microchip has announced the MPLAB ICD 4, an in-circuit programming and debugging development tool for Microchip’s PIC microcontroller and dsPIC digital signal controller portfolios. The device includes all the features of the popular MPLAB ICD 3 debugger while adding increased speed through a faster processor and increased RAM. 126 more words


Open Educational Resource

Educational resources like technical videos, lab manuals and power point presentations are available on OER page.


Garage Distance Sensor Kicks Tennis Ball To Curb

Those with small garages might be familiar with the method of hanging a tennis ball from a ceiling to make sure they don’t hit the back wall with their car. 168 more words

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POV Fidget Spinner

From MakersBox on Instructables:

Programmable POV Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are fun, and you can find one at about any check-out counter for just a few bucks these days, but what if you could build your own?

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Temperature Switch for 12 V DC fan — powered from solar battery bank

My brother-in-law mentioned that he needed a thermal switch for the fan in his shed. The building works as a heat-trap during the day, and he’d like a way of blowing the hot air out, so that it’s more habitable when he gets home from work. 590 more words


Know the Load with this Simple Microcontroller CPU Meter

How do you tell how much load is on a CPU? On a desktop or laptop, the OS usually has some kind of gadget to display the basics. 171 more words

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