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Hacking - Robosapien V1 - Comprehensive Robosapien V1 hex codes

Dear All,

the Inventors:Force is currently having fun with hacking the Robosapien V1.
Our first objective is to hack the Robosapien V1 in a way that we can use an Arduino and/or a Raspberry Pi to control the Robosapien via program code which should send the Robosapien V1 command hex code to the motherboard. 1,661 more words


Blink the LED "Hello World!"

This is the second installment in a series exploring 65xx technology. My first post was a high-level introduction to the W65C265SXB and a wonderful little gem called the… 1,272 more words


My Arduino Air Compressor Controller Project - Part 1

Last week, I introduced Arduinos, and mentioned that I would be discussing my air compressor controller project using an Arduino. I will try to complete this series in 5-6 posts with this introduction, details about the hardware, and details about the programming. 763 more words


radio FM dengan modul TEA5767

akhirnya jadi juga radio FM digital dengan modul TEA5767

sebenarnya bulan ramadhan tahun kemarin sempat dibuat tapi tidak di selesaikan, dan akhirnya diselesaikan ramadhan tahun ini. 59 more words


Freescale S32K MCUs Debut as 1st Automotive Microcontroller Product Line ...

Freescale S32K MCUs Debut as Initial Automotive Microcontroller Solution Line …
To streamline software engineering and advance automotive application development technology beyond the traditional Autosar Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL), Freescale is introducing a complete, automotive-grade software development kit (SDK … 129 more words

Learn about Micro-controllers 2

The revolution of digital technology came with the invention of the 8085 microprocessor by intel. Then it become used widely. Other rivals like motorola began to produce their processors too. 76 more words

Microcontroller based Automatic Staircase Light using LDR and PIR Sensor

Here is an interesting project – Automatic Staircase Light. The circuit that it uses to make the lights switch On, works on two conditions – one is presence of darkness in its surrounding and second is presence of human being. 124 more words