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Cara Mudah Mendapatkan Crystall yang Pas pada Baudrate di AVR

Kalau dengar kata-kata baudrate pasti nyambungnya ke komunikasi serial alias uart atau usart (emang apa bedanya uart dan usart? silahkan baca-baca sendiri disini). Baudrate sendiri adalah kecepatan transfer data pada komunikasi serial :D, satuannya dalam bps (bit per second). 218 more words


4-CH Web Controlled Ethernet relay

In this article i will give the basic steps to build a 4 channels Ethernet relay that can be used as a network power switch for many purposes. 1,273 more words


New Part Day: SPI RAM and a Video Controller

Generating video signals with a microcontroller or old CPU is hard if you haven’t noticed. If you’re driving even a simple NTSC or PAL display at one bit per pixel, you’re looking at a minimum of around 64kB of RAM being used as a frame buffer. 231 more words


My GitHub

For anyone whose interested I have finally got around to setting up my GitHub account. The only repository on there at the moment is my Stellaris Launch Pad MOD and S3M player StellarPlayer as requested but I will endeavour to add more in the future. 9 more words



As u know microcontroller is on of advanced most widely used tech which we are using in day to day life,which is designed for embedded applications it is a small computer built on a single integrated chip containing processor core,memory programmable input/output peripherals. 237 more words


Drone V1.1

Parts and Equipment – Communications & Power

These components are required to power the drone and control the drone with feedback (Video, telemetry) and inputs (yaw, pitch, roll , thrust). 372 more words