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Beginning Peltier Project – LCD Screen

The microcontroller that I’m going to be using for this project is the STM32F746 Discovery.

The reason that I’m going to be using this microcontroller is because I am very familiar with it and because it has a touch screen to help control the PWM output. 527 more words


PWM generation with PIC and ccs c

Proteus Model:

Youtube link of the lecture:

Source file:

#device ADC=10
#use delay(clock=40000000)
#use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7)
#include “lcd.c”
void main (void) 55 more words

Using eLua

Quickly prototype and develop embedded software applications with the power of Lua and run them on a wide range of microcontroller architectures.



Electronic Faucet Sensor and Controller

This reference design features the TSSP4056 IR sensor module designed for presence and fast proximity sensing applications. The TSSP4056 provides a LOW output when it detects a 56kHz infrared burst at 940nm. 42 more words


Arduino Yún Projects: Datalogging

Datalogging is the process of collecting data over a period of time, and saving that data for further examination. For example, this process could be very useful for measuring the conditions in a greenhouse. 1,205 more words


ATtiny45 motion sensing night light

DanR has shared this motion sensing night light board:

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light V1.2 D

This light is powered by an ATtiny45/85 which powers on the 14 LED lights when motion is sensed and it is in a dark room.

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Programming the Open-V Open Source CPU on the Web

You can now program the Open-V on the web, and see the results in real time. The code is compiled in the web IDE and then flashed to a microcontroller which is connected to a live YouTube… 122 more words