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Energy Meters - How do they read data?

The subject of communication entails introduction of some hardware and digital course of actions. Hence, in this post, we shall talk more about the world of Electronics and Hardware Programming (Firmware). 1,185 more words


That Light Project...

Remember that Camera Light project I did back when? (And the actual prototyping, and the concept?)

Yeah, I barely do, either.  It was a while back.   364 more words


MorseCard: A Tiny Telegraph Station

From Alex Wulff on Hackster.io:

MorseCard – A Tiny Telegraph Station

This small PCB lets you learn Morse code and communicate with friends. Set up a telegraph network in your very own home!

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Light-Up Poker Chip

Exciting project by Alex Wulff on Hackster.io:

Light-Up Poker Chip

This whole circuit is the same size as a regular poker chip, but with an added surprise: lights!

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8-bit Computer for On-The-Go Programming

If there was one downside to 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64, it’s that they weren’t exactly portable. Even ignoring their physical size, the power requirements would likely have required a prohibitively large power bank of some sort to lug around as well. 188 more words


Unlikely Cascade of Failures Leads to Microwave's Demise

Surely a blown light bulb can’t kill a microwave oven, right? You might not expect it to, but that was indeed the root cause of a problem that recently investigated; the cascade of failures is instructive to say the least. 167 more words

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New Take on the Binary Clock

By now it might seem like there’s no new way to build a binary clock. It’s one of the first projects many build to try out their first soldering irons, so it’s a well-traveled path. 76 more words

Clock Hacks