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General Purpose I/O: How to get more

The first program anyone writes for a microcontroller is the blinking LED which involves toggling a general-purpose input/output (GPIO) on and off. Consequently, the same GPIO can be used to read digital bits as well. 1,523 more words


14 Difference Between Microprocessor And Microcontroller

1. Microprocessor is an IC which has only the CPU inside them.
Microcontroller has a CPU, in addition with a fixed amount of RAM, ROM and other peripherals all embedded on a single chip. 229 more words

It's UNIX. On A Microcontroller.

It’s difficult to convey in an era when a UNIX-like operating system sits in your pocket, how there was once a time when the mere word was enough to convey an aura of immense computing power. 273 more words


Building a Superflight Controller

A few months ago, I downloaded Superflight on Steam.  It’s an awesome game.

I thought it might be fun to play with a a joystick, but I didn’t have one… so I hacked one together with an Arduino Mega, an old Wii Nunchuk, and… 800 more words


Cyborg Ring

We were amazed to see the incredible wearable project by Zach from NeuroTinker while at CrowdSupply Teardown:

Cyborg Ring

Cordwood-style blinky ring, powered by an ATtiny85 and a pair of size 10 Zn-air hearing aide batteries.

Smart Temperature and Humidity Gauge

As shown in previous posts on the CarnotCycle blog, it is possible to compute dew point temperature and absolute humidity (defined as water vapor density in g/m^3) from ambient temperature and relative humidity. 429 more words


Ask Hackaday: How Do You DIY a Top-Octave Generator?

One of the great joys of Hackaday are the truly oddball requests that we sometimes get over the tip line. Case in point: wrote in with a busted 1970s organ in need of a new top-octave generator, and wondered if we could help. 1,129 more words