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This miniature PC only works if you have the key | ESIST

Passwords are all well and good (when they work), but if someone has physical access to your hard drive, even the best passwords may not be enough to keep your data safe.  277 more words

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SMS Based Polling System

Short message service (SMS) has been a popular technology for quite some time now. This reference design is an SMS based polling system. It operates when a user sends a particular message indicating his/her vote. Read more

i4004 Project

During the  RetroChallenge 2016/10 I go to work at my i4004 project. Last year I have build a system around the first Intel processor, the Intel C4004. 86 more words


The Neon Clock

Building a clock really is about as textbook as it gets when it comes to electronics projects – especially on the internet.

I however have never build a clock (not intentionally anyway… I wouldn’t count the measily effort of my smartwatch!) so I’ve decided to have a go at one. 757 more words


Being a big fan of Python, I recently got a MicroPython Board.
MicroPython is a simple to use micro controller which runs Python 3. To put code onto it, you simple mount it as you would do with a USB flash drive, copy your… 134 more words


SUF268J001 Based Solar Radiation Sensor

The circuit design is a solar radiation sensor that measures the intensity of solar radiation emitted by the sun. It runs with a 5V power supply and can used in applications that depends on the amount of light required in the system. Read more