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Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 - Powerful Microcontrollers For Making Awesome DIY Electronic Projects

Teensy is a microcontroller development board used for building all sorts of awesome DIY electronic projects.

Over the last year I’ve been designing 2 new Teensy models using far more powerful microcontroller chips; a huge step up in capability from prior Teensy and other Arduino compatible boards.   2,617 more words

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Speed comparisons for Arduino Uno/Nano and Due

It’s been more than a year since I published my post on numerical integration on an Arduino. Since then, the post has been quite popular, recieving a steady stream of ~50 views/month (mostly via Google). 765 more words


Sensing current with ASC712 connected to Arduino

In many setups we may need to measure the amount of current consumed by the system or its components. An inexpensive and convenient way of doing this is by using module like the one shown on the right. 922 more words


Simple Microcontroller Based Altimeter with OLED Display

This circuit is a altimeter using a microcontroller and OLED display. It measures the altitude of the object  by using a pressure sensor. Read more

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Alex B. | Kennesaw, GA – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project  |  Provide maximum flexibility for custom applications.
You can reprogram the microcontroller according to the application.   26 more words

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2015 throwback - Object Sorting Conveyor Belt with Microcontroller

In 2015, for a Mechatronics class my friend and colleague, Alex, were required to design and build a system for sorting various metallic and plastic objects into different compartments using a microcontroller. 499 more words


Electroshock Timer Will Speed Up Every Game of Settlers of Catan

The fun of playing Settlers of Catan is only matched by the desire to punch your friend when their turn drags on with endless deliberating. has solved that quandary of inefficient play by building the… 258 more words

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