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A Collection of Microcosms

I am collecting worlds.

Rolling them lazily around the spaces between my fingers, like marbles instead of the microcosms that they are. With a nonchalance that betrays ennui. 241 more words


The microscopic world takes on shapes and forms that we thought were merely an invention of our own minds.  This further amplifies the notion that geometry is a fundamental component of this universe. 41 more words

a network of belonging; the context for community and our responsibility within it

A community is a network. It is a microcosm of a wider web. The microcosm supports individual and collective growth and harmony; it is self sustaining. 1,043 more words


#1575 TPOS prompt: microcosm

gleaming limited
peck and search
lunch on ground floor
note: “snowbirds” a word play on
the people who go to warmer climes for the winter… 31 more words


Are You Casting Lots?

Some days ago, a friend asked me which side of the war I belonged to. I hope this answers the question:

I see the hidden things… 205 more words


The Art of Giving

Be a little leery of giving unconditionally and so openly to anyone who may still have taker energy. Not saying we should not give. But do so in the abstract way, for all of life and not for the appreciation of one person. 59 more words