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Quacks Pretend To Cure Other Men's Disorders But Rarely Find A Cure For Their Own - Part Twenty Nine

Doctor Alexander Wilford Hall (1819 – 1902)

If nothing else, practitioners of the art of quackery sell hope. Their target audience were those who had lost faith in the powers of the medical community to cure them or who had a complaint which contemporary medicine seemed powerless to address. 483 more words


This house has the shape of the lotus...

“Within the city of Brahman, which is the body, there is the heart, and within the heart there is a little house. This house has the shape of the lotus, and within it dwells that which is to be sought after, inquired about, and realised. 176 more words


Miscellaneous Universe Questions Pt. 1

What if the universe was just a microcosm of the actual Universe? Or a three dimensional self-evolving storyboard?

The Airport

People bustling —
Sounds of a crowd.
Little babies
Crying out loud.

All of humanity
Compressed in one space.
A microcosm
Of our human race. 76 more words


You Are a Breath of the Universe

Human beings are embedded in the cosmos in a particular way and we can observe this externally. I am saying this because (as you saw in yesterday’s lecture) much depends on the nature of our feelings toward growing children—the degree of reverence we have toward the mysterious revelation of the cosmos in growing human beings. 752 more words


Home for the weekend...

I decided this weekend to take a trip to visit my hometown this weekend. See my family in a non-holiday setting. Hang out with them as people in a somewhat less stressful environment. 1,280 more words


Microcosm E Coli and the New Science of Life Of

E. coli O157:H7, O26, O111, O103, O121, O45 and O145 – it can get abit(e) confusing. As of June 8, 2012, the CDC and various State health Departmentsreport that there are 14 cases of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichiacoli (STEC) O145 infection with indistinguishable DNA patterns thathave been identified in lab samples from persons in 6 states:Alabama (2), California (1), Florida (1), Georgia (5), Louisiana(4), Tennessee (1). 232 more words