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Macrocosmic Consciousness: The Dissolution of Duality

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  ~ Joseph Campbell… 1,418 more words


Outside and inside

Outside and inside

Everything what is outside
Is inside
But not everything what is inside
Is outside…

DidiArtist 02.06.2017


Honor all Matter and Venerate It

As modern Western people, our dichotomized categories and preconceived notions about body, soul, matter, and spirit are tragically inadequate to the task of engaging with the full mystery and beauty of reality. 5,181 more words


This Incarnation


Because of my awareness, I have many dreams of different experiences that are happening for people around the world. I get to live in the shoes of different demographics on earth. 1,194 more words

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Tea shop Urbanism - A microcosm of Indian public realm.

Urban physicality is a complex network of systems; a family homemaker would be worried about the hike in the price of tomatoes in the grocery store, (s)he starts discussing with another homemaker from the neighbourhood vis-a-vis the dialogue is carried out to a water tap, where men and women wait to fill up their buckets, the tomato’s price hike is now a notification in the online social messaging groups, a government employee discusses the price hike with his fellow morning walker who is in the vegetable market business, the saloon debates about this as a potential political problem that might affect the vote bank, a middle aged uncle goes about his relentless fanatics and obsession with the actor turned political leader, a tea shop hosts a gentle theatrics of the discourse in an informal stage that has the backdrop of dozens of press brochures that literally cries the headlines of the day out loud, workplace cafeterias with controlled diplomatic debates restricted by the hierarchy of positions, the collective dialogue crawls in midst of a beverage, a smoke, a drink, a filling of the water bucket, a transaction of money with commodity till nightfall; oh wait, the labours, an inevitable layer of the city who, while unloading the tomato stocks, are whispering about the retail prices that might go down the following day, dulled by the last sip of the alcohol that they take to numb themselves to the unbearable weight of their survival, in a TASMAC. 1,278 more words


Ant Colony

I’ve found myself several times near-hypnotised by the dancing patterns of ants on a summer day, swirling and pulsating across the ground near an ant nest; if you just stare at one spot and let your eyes defocus a little, the patterns of motion can start to swirl and spin like the dizzying randomness of white noise on an old off-channel CRT TV screen. 492 more words



Viewing through the loupe a mind is exposed to the intricate facets

The eyes resemble an orb from the impact and mesmerising details

Entire world seems to slow down and even shuts up the nonsense… 28 more words