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Soul Love

"Love? What is that? nothing
but a figment of my imagination"
Lingering, longing, lasting love
Simmering and steaming with passion.
Upon the first glimpse
One is blinded with the glare of desire. 106 more words

The Long Bodhi and the Short Bodhi

A student once asked a master: What is the fundamental principle of Buddhism?

The master said: Ask me when no one is around and I shall tell you. 161 more words

While Sleeping Watch

Reflections #WorldPoetryDay

Ancient bowls of stone
Embracing earth holds the sky
Clouds mirror themselves
Within the silver surface
I am myself reflected

Dawn breaks, waking to beauty. I am a bridge between worlds. 65 more words


The Agnostic Silence

There was this prophet who had an emotional breakdown.  After this series of crazy conflicts and amazing miracles, he fell apart.  First he was filled with fear.   574 more words

My Story

A Jungle Fable, Microcosms Entry

On a dismal November day an election was held to determine who would rule the jungle. This jungle was, in fact, a great laboratory in which a grand experiment was taking place. 340 more words



We all survived the full moon in Leo with aplomb this last few days. We had our first microcosm full moon sand mandala ritual in the Aerie. 238 more words