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Eminent Domain: Microcosm - An Aficionado Review

*Disclaimer* The following review is comprised entirely of the opinions of me, myself and I, and is a complete review of the game described. If a review is paid or I received the game for free to review, that fact will also be disclosed beforehand (in the title of the review as either “Paid” or “Requested” respectively), but regardless, integrity shall be maintained, in order to benefit the gaming industry as a whole. 1,540 more words


Gods & Mirrors

What are the gods?

Here’s the thing: I think we have several answers, and several of them mingle. Of course, any such answer is speculative and subjective. 1,466 more words


All Of It

Early morning,
he’s roasting away the sleep
with sweet syrup, hot coffee;
roasting away the sleep from eyes
rather stuck shut to the
rest of the world, 91 more words


Is there a difference between a microcosm and a cosmos?: big small and everything in between

I ultimately pose the question does sizing measurement even exist?

A cosmos is: “the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.”

and a microcosm: “a miniature system replicating or representing that of a cosmos” 221 more words

Intriguing Thoughts

Day One Hundred & Thirty One

Easy to forget

how much goes on round the world

while I live a day.


Microcosm - I

Microcosm is the first experiment in my visual journey exploring things into micro level, capturing the beauty of the ephemeral, the reality that we often overlook before they vanish in time. 124 more words

The drop of water

Let me send you on an imaginary journey.

You are walking toward the water on your favorite beach, behind you are the dunes. You pick up a blade of beach grass. 285 more words