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Exploring nature's beauty: artist Georgina Hooper

Sometimes in life, you meet someone who you just get. Someone who is on your wavelength – a real kindred spirit.

I first met Georgina Hooper last year, about a week before her Itadakimasu exhibition at White Canvas Gallery in Brisbane. 1,237 more words

Art & Soul

Georgina Hooper: Microcosm

If you’re in Brisbane on Friday night and you can only do one thing, I suggest you head to the opening night of Microcosm. The exhibition will feature the work of artist Georgina Hooper, who has delved into Australia’s most loved underwater frontier, the Great Barrier Reef. 179 more words

Art & Soul


There are few worlds greater than those
contained in your face.
Smiles that raise the sun and
eyelids that summon the moon as they fall. 117 more words


Critique of TSW Part 28a The Last Chapter

Blog 20150325

Bill still has trouble with the univironmental concept, eschewing anything that could be construed as dialectical. In his mind, this apparently falsifies concepts such as microcosm/macrocosm, divergence/convergence, and probably yin/yang too. 1,450 more words


26 by the elements

The uniter of worlds! YHVH  26.
Divided by the elements, 6.5!

Toxicity (Part Two) – Baby steps.

“Mankind’s relationship with chemicals has always been a two-way street – not only have humans long made use of chemicals, they have also been affected by them. 1,561 more words

The Metaphysics of The Orchestra

As the symphony is a whole emerging from the harmonious cooperation of parts each serving its proper function within the creative process, the violin’s melody is itself another whole emerging from the harmonious cooperation of the body parts of the violinist.  260 more words