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26 by the elements

The uniter of worlds! YHVH  26.
Divided by the elements, 6.5!

Toxicity (Part Two) – Baby steps.

“Mankind’s relationship with chemicals has always been a two-way street – not only have humans long made use of chemicals, they have also been affected by them. 1,561 more words

The Metaphysics of The Orchestra

As the symphony is a whole emerging from the harmonious cooperation of parts each serving its proper function within the creative process, the violin’s melody is itself another whole emerging from the harmonious cooperation of the body parts of the violinist.  260 more words


Life is Fleeting - Count your Blessings and Stay Grateful !!

The most uncanny aspect of life is that one can never be sure what follows next. It’s a full circle one goes through. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows , success and failure , life and death – All of it makes us stand and wonder that here each one is to their own. 231 more words


The Astounding (Undesigned!) Inner World of the Living Cell

The Astounding (Undesigned!) Inner World of the Living Cell.

From the above linked post, I realize now more than ever that every living thing is assembled from infinitesimal worlds of living, functioning and “intelligent” components; and that, we ourselves are of the same minuscule proportion by comparison to that which is dwarfed in “our world”… and all of these “worlds,” whether microcosm or macrocosm to our own, are supremely ordered and all of them interconnected. 8 more words

Natural Theology

Microcosm by Gary Glauber

Inexplicably, a giant hole opens up in Siberia.
Everyone in the world feels somehow responsible.
Ice caps are shrinking; oceans are rising.

Global warming is not debatable. 303 more words