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They say we are the Universe on a smaller scale. That our cells contain microscopic debris from the Big Bang. I think this is true. 284 more words


On Redeeming the Resiliency of the Cockroach: Joe Biel Talks About Starting Up Microcosm Publishing

We are really thrilled to feature this guest post from Joe Biel, founder of the very awesome Microcosm Publishing, to coincide with the release of Joe’s book… 1,923 more words



It rained then,
the land lurching upward
to grab the first answer
from a reluctant heaven.

‘Maya’ you called it.
Our limited senses gathering bits of the universe, 120 more words


Then the Prose....

(Because I don’t want to force the poetry, many of my poem days will also have a doubtless boringly pedantic bit to follow on.)

Why do we like what we like? 296 more words


Thirty Days of Druidry 2: Targets for Humanness

We look for things that will acknowledge and value and nurture the overflowing spirit that is our humanity at its best. We literally grow larger than one self in our relationships with other beings. 675 more words


Calm Water, Right Effort

In Amsterdam, as you may have heard, there is at least one canal (arguably more). In this canal there is water. Through the water propagate waves. 398 more words