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Aquarium Garden

I traded my thoughts for felicity
Got blindfolded the midnight after that
My soul resumed at dawn
I became an asparagus robot in tiny little state of denial… 76 more words

Creative Writing

The Microcosmic Vision of Sankaradeva

The 15th century in Assam is remarkable for the rise of a unique school of devotion to Krsna (Krishna) that came to be known as the… 1,068 more words

Namaste: Is it really what we make it?

Often this word is uttered at the conclusion of a yoga practice. There are so many different interpretations to Namaste, a few of my favourites are below: 271 more words


Quaker Lake - Memories of a Microcosm

The last time I was at Quaker Lake was a couple of years ago before Dad passed away. We rode around and I snapped some pictures while he reminisced and commented on the improvements. 838 more words

Welcome to My World


World in miniature

Fragmented visions

Not the still

grand emotions






Lands beyond


end 8/24/2016

S. Darlington


Threadbare: Clothes, Sex & Trafficking

“The garment industry employs between one sixth and one seventh of all women on earth, and therefore is probably the single-most responsible entity for the global gender wage gap.” When faced with facts and figures of such magnitude, you have to cringe at how little attention the media and we as consumers pay to the reality of the apparel industry. 768 more words

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