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For RF Microelectronics 2nd Edition Prentice Hall Communications Engineering

Engineering 226-235: Mithril Casings, 20 for 236-245.

Gnomish is the realm of devices. Trinkets for every occasion. If you are satisfied with the amount of explosives from standard engineering, go gnomish for utility. 302 more words

What's that MRAM thing?

In my previous article about radiation-hardened ICs, I mentioned something called Magnetorestrictive Random Access Memory (MRAM), a type of random access memory that has been proposed as a possible solution for radiation-hardened memory arrays. 1,567 more words


New Horizons' Radiation-Hardened PlayStation

Following GameSpot’s report, the hive mind squinted a little: turns out that New Horizons has (more or less…) the same CPU as used in the original PlayStation. 2,806 more words


Computing Power Just Got an Impressive Upgrade

IBM announced this week a significant breakthrough in advancing today’s computing capabilities, temporarily soothing mounting market concerns over the long-term sustainability of Moore’s Law. The company unveiled a 7-nanometer node chip that is substantially more efficient, offers nearly four times the current capacity, and represents more than a 50% power-to-performance increase. 336 more words

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Running My First Raspberry Pi Web Server From Home

Yes people! It’s possible. You can run your own free Raspberry Pi web server from home. It is quite late on this Sunday evening and I would still like to have watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, so I’m definitely not going to say a lot about the process. 20 more words

Cheapest Awesome Media Centre Ever!

So here’s the thing. I love my 52″ Samsung Plasma Smart TV. I love listening music on it, surfing the internet on it, playing games on it, watching DVDs on it and most of all, watching video files on it. 26 more words

WTF is the Raspberry Pi?

So I’ll be raving a lot about this little PC, so I think it’s worth referencing directly in all related posts. What exactly is the Raspberry Pi? 22 more words