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Revised Illustrations from Older Mambuto

Older images can be found here:

Older version of The Wolf: http://imgur.com/a/lUzOL

Older version of His Goodbye: http://imgur.com/a/lUzOL


The Cold and Reticent Beauty of the Universe

I love our universe: those gradually emerging stars; the rustle of wind through leaves; the play of light upon the sea is something to behold; all those implausible creatures with their weird and wonderful ways.   16 more words

Flash Fiction

The Fat Lady in the Sky - Part 3

By order of the mayor, the scaffold for a makeshift platform went up almost overnight in the Vashishts’ backyard, close to the pond. The Vashishts’ didn’t object. 1,414 more words


Rusty air

He sleeps, unaware of the metallic odor that has permeated the air.

She lies in soiled sheets, breathing in the rusty air — unmistakable proof of her bloody sacrifice. 22 more words


Scared Off

She had tattoos in places I’ve never even heard of and piercings that defied the laws of biology and physics.  When we eventually split up people were shocked.  22 more words

Flash Fiction


I am huge,
A multitude of worlds!

I decide, I know,
I wonder, I learn,
I see others who wonder, too,
And they are plentiful. 45 more words


Albert learns that the rich often hide their greed behind their children

Albert has recently spent a lot of time with the rich.  One thing he’s noticed: they’ll often defend conniving and back-stabbing by referring to their children.  26 more words

Flash Fiction