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The music box

The attic in Grandma’s house was definitely her favourite room. Every time she ventured, there was something new to discover. Walking across the faded-russet floor; she drew back the curtain letting light filter in through the dusty window, and began her rummaging. 347 more words


Interview with Haunted Waters Press

Usually, I’m the one conducting the interviews. But recently, the tables were turned and I had a chance to answer some questions for Haunted Waters Press. 82 more words


A Parable in the Mode of C.S. Lewis

When Buddha saw the woman taken in adultery he sighed with resignation.

Confucius tsk’d and looked away.

Krishna mused ‘it must be her karma.’

Muhammad roared in ecstasy and grabbed the largest stone he could find

… and what of Jesus?


Time Traveller

I like walking
. Don’t like buses, can’t afford ‘em. Walking’s exercise and helps you sleep. It’s the Cross Street Mission today. Soup, roll and beef stew. 85 more words

Fifty Word Story - An Incident on Bernard Boulevard

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com) <3

Traversing Bernard Boulevard at night, she longed to escape her loneliness.  An effulgence of light illuminated from the sky and lifted her off the pavement. 47 more words

Creative Writing

Heart of Rock

The first time I saw you was the last time I heard his voice. That means nothing to you. You can’t see. You can’t hear. But it’s human nature to see a heart in whatever touches our own hearts. 411 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

That's me in the corner

If ever you felt a persistent presence nagging you on, urging you to push through the technical challenges, nudging you to look beyond the self-doubt and scepticism of others, compelling you to work out once more how best to frame the key questions, well that would be me.  Just me.

Flash Fiction