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One sentence story #12

Painting Franz Marc

She watched, entranced, as they danced about, all long gawky limbs with the promise of adult grace, and wondered at the lost world that had once bred such creatures.


#SmallTales: Curious. (Ball)

People would say she did it because she was tricked, because that frog was clever and charming, and because she was naive and wanted her ball back. 72 more words


Grand Plans

March 19, 2015.  3:55 pm

Blaeberry, B.C.

They built the new guest cabin across the road from a field.  Upon that field– who it now belongs to is up for debate– are two abandoned cabins.  724 more words

Chris Mcmahen


It’s been a long journey, unfortunately, I will not have time to relax. The king expects me to give a full report and he isn’t going to be happy. 177 more words


HELLO INTERNET BOY #7: Art Imitating Elf

When I met with Matt, there was a part of me that was expecting to meet someone who was fairly strait-laced, who was dour, who was a very powerful elf wizard. 815 more words

"The Switch"

April is almost over, so I really needed to get writing for Apocalypse Madness.  I didn’t want to write anything long (especially after the story I wrote for the… 213 more words


#FridayPhrases (#34)

This is my regular FridayPhrases post. A day late. Again. Life. Busy.

FridayPhrases is a Twitter microfiction event held on Fridays. It’s fun. If find it a great challenge trying to get my rambling thoughts down to twitter-sized chunks. 77 more words