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Oh Brother - Gargleblaster Microstories #220

“I’m in here!” said Brian. He poked his head out the bedroom door.

“Are you with…”

“Dude, your roommate Christi is hot! Hope you don’t mind I’m fu…” 16 more words

Short Fiction

The Storm Crow Tavern’s MicroFiction Contest On Now Until July 17th

The Storm Crow Tavern, 1305 Commercial Drive, is self-admittedly the City’s premiere nerd bar. This restaurant and bar is a spot where you can find fellow gamers, sci-fi and fantasy nuts while drinking a microbrew and playing board games. 220 more words


Micro-fiction 023 - Deadly Survey (Echoes series)


The return to an abandoned planet reveals unsettling changes in the androids left to care for the environment, some 21 centuries before…

Echoes | Deadly Survey… 1,900 more words

Science Fiction

Writing Prompt Wednesday – Reddish

What stories does the picture prompt? Use it in any way you like. Please pingback to this post or leave a comment with a link, so I can check out what you did with it.

Happy Writing!


Learning Dutch

My Oma learned English in a grocery store. Sure, she knew some already but it was really only enough phrases to get to Sydney on. So two weeks later while she stood in line describing the round, yellow thing she needed, she realized how far she’d run. 89 more words



Let the wolves circle. I never doubted you. Even now, your spine presses against mine; your blood pulses in my veins. I clench my fist, oath-scarred and full of rage. 13 more words



A quarter of the way over the river, I forced myself to look over the edge of the railings at the water and trees so far below us. 873 more words