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Nature will repair itself, with or without us, faster without us, Nature will find her way, with or without us, better without us, Nature doesn’t need us, doesn’t need us, doesn’t need you…

© elancharan


She flipped the lip of the truck up, closing it. The last of the clothes had been unloaded for sale at the annual country fair. She looked around that the stores, the people gathered, at everything that had once been so familiar and prepared to leave; this wasn’t her town anymore, it was his. 27 more words

Easy Virtues: Humility Fades

Easy Virtues: Humility Fades – Written by Alexander X. Laymen


They taught me to respect on a completely different level than I once knew lesson after lesson. 198 more words


Microfiction #7

And the rose cared for,


treasured for

lay there trampled.


Microfiction #writephoto: Stones

This is for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt.

In the spring, the river was a torrent, unfordable and violent. Sometimes it reached the parapet of the bridge. 273 more words


The red truck parked in the middle of the road, coupled with her looks created discomfort  in the bazaar.

Unaware of the ripples she was creating, Carol looked wistfully at the colorful clothes around her – the floral and animal prints, the ruffles and embellishments and the swish of the luxurious fabrics. 34 more words

Flash Fiction

The Larger Issue

The villagers had not received food supplies for the last two weeks. Children were not let out of their homes. Demonetization left people with scarce means, to tap alternate sources. 42 more words

Flash Fiction