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The End (Micro-fiction)

The clouds rained hails. The knot in my stomach clenched and unclenched, twisting my intestines into a gnarled root of fear. A moment ago, the sun was devouring the landscape, scorching through the crevices of our city lives, and now the sky was smoking ruins. 44 more words


City Bitterness

One thing that can really ruin your day is an a**hole in a sedan. I can’t blame him though the traffic sucked and he looked to be on the cusp of a mid life crisis. 61 more words


Microfiction: Absurdity Squared

The plummet from the twenty-third story was surprisingly short. There was barely time to get accustomed to the rush of wind, limbs sprawling, the upward rush sending Tom topsy-turvy until he hit the ground, the whole journey taking three seconds before impact with the ground. 163 more words


The Devil is in the Details

He was well dressed, well mannered, but he seemed off. Menacing. Although evil isn’t a word I like tossing around, he did, in fact, seem evil. 108 more words

Flash Fiction

The Night Cried (Micro-fiction)

It was a long day at work and I was eager to find myself in the comfortable warmth of my armchair, but the tender night was overflowing at the brim. 145 more words


Blog Battle 69 "Hazel" Entries & Voting

You might be wondering where all the stories are today, and I’ll tell you why.  I am away from my computer and unsure if I’ll have wifi where I’ll be, so updating this might be out of the question! 413 more words

Battle Entries

The Passenger (A Story in 100 Words)

“You calling me a piece of shit?” the one-legged man snarled from his wheelchair, the leavings of several meals encrusting his faded shirt.

“I didn’t say that, sir.” The speaker crackled. 72 more words