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Microfiction: Narciso

Painting by Giovanni Fattori

Narciso stomps into the pharmacy and thumps his walking stick on the floor.
We know Narciso. The Republican relic. The pharmacist puts on a smile that doesn’t touch her eyes and finds something to do in the reserve. 162 more words


Flash Friday - 'Judge, Jury, Executioner'

Judge, Jury, Executioner

He looks so fine up there, his head thrown back, a thick pulse thudding at his throat. If it weren’t for his shackles he could almost be in church, a pillar of righteousness. 417 more words

Writing News

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 - 16

HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!  Friday is here again, and I can finally stop that nasty itchy annoying impatient feeling the rest of the week offers. It’s been a tremendously fun week here at the lair. 358 more words

Flash Fiction

Late Shift

The doors fly open, and a stretcher comes rushing in with men shouting. If the shouting didn’t catch his attention, it would have been the squeaky wheels. 217 more words


Late Night Drive

2:00 am. Baby won’t stop crying. Been driving around the block for a half hour. Wife suggests I go on the highway. Anything to stop that sound. 262 more words

Creative Writing

The Ginger Butcher

The Ginger Butcher is the worst. Sloe gin, bottom shelf vodka, and table wine–a jigger of each into a heated glass. A healthy splash of tomato juice for the vitamins, and a dash of sour mix. 68 more words

Quill Shiv

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Invisible Friend

Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thankyou Priceless Joy for another fun prompt this week!

Oliver Wilde stumbled up the hill, too depleted of energy to take anything beyond the smallest steps necessary to keep himself from toppling over. 128 more words

Flash Fiction