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Microfiction: #writephoto The meeting

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

Beneath the church was the crypt. The entrance lay behind a small door that she had passed many times but never seen opened. 294 more words


“I admire your patience.”

“Years ago, I fell in love with something called a Gantt chart.” I playfully held her attention to the image on the screen. 77 more words

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A single drop of color filled in, between the outlines etched with glass liner had spilled out. The stained glass created shadows on her pristine white outfit, as sunrays filtered in through the window. 96 more words

Writing Challenges

Shortest Stories Ever Written

It is often argued whether micro-fiction or flash-fiction should even be considered a form of literature. Irrespective of what the answer is (which will never be clear), we’ve decided to go ahead and share the finest examples of flash-fiction ever written by some renowned authors. So, sit back, and enjoy.



This is my attempt at this week’s Six-word story challenge. This week’s prompt: Intriguing

We will never know. Isn’t it?

Few other stories:

  1. I really thought I knew him…
  2. 14 more words

Forsaken Library

It had been a library
I guess it still was
What did that matter

Enough left who could
The irrelevant past… 108 more words


Story Saturday: The Extinction Event

I recently came across a prompt put out by Liam J Cross Writing and Editing:

A rocket ship to outer space. A mission to save the world. 119 more words