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What lay waiting

This week’s three lines tales entry

The night had an eerie vibe, the sea was furiously splashing against the worn out rocks , the winds were howling, and David was shivering like a fallen leaf due to the cold night air or with fear, he couldn’t say. 98 more words



turn the heat right down
fling open smutty windows
cobwebs flutter past
before my very eyelashes
loading up the dishwasher
intellectual puzzle
impossible spatula
exceptional Mug


When a man loves a woman #microfiction

Jane Doughtery’s prompt this week is

Caleb Spume led a sheltered life, absorbing 19th century fiction and eschewing the internet. Dolores Pebble dreamt of finding a Regency man and dressed accordingly. 276 more words


Howlin' Wilf

Shake me up, Judy!
Blood strewn leaden legged Custer
Wanders round bemused
Last of the Mohicans
Serenades a Hunter’s Moon


brief encounter

Frank shows up looking rough,
love on the rocks,
house on the line.
I drank white wine, Frank left.
So did i…


Team Leader

If a smile could win over an audience, our manager would not have needed to say a word.

No such luck.

“Good morning and I hope you’ve had a good weekend,” he said in a tone that conveyed no concern for whether we’d had a good weekend, or indeed whether we had a good morning. 387 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

Over the hills

Everything would be different there. Once they climbed the fence, crawled through the scrubgrass, crossed the border, they would be free to stand tall, hold hands, run towards the life they deserved.

Flash Fiction