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Observing the Impossible

Being an invisible observer wasn’t easy. The two people in the room were unaware of my presence. I wasn’t there only physically. I was also in each of their minds, which made the task of observation seem impossible. 257 more words


100 Word Wednesday: Duped

She’d been asking around, showing a piece of paper with his address to passerby. 100 more words


A Long Awaited Guest

Inside the old manor, the Baron stood surrounded by rotting wood and cloth, the paint curling from the walls.

“Time,” he muttered through grey, cracked lips. 97 more words

Creative Writing

Homeward Bound

“Go to the city,” they said. “You must if you want to make it. Think of the inspiration you’ll find. The audience you’ll get!”

Inspiration is plentiful and dreary, audience though… not so much. 159 more words


Submissions to Whispers and Echoes closing soon...

Submissions to the inaugural issue of Whispers and Echoes are closing in a few days, but there is still time to get your short poetry and fiction submitted. 19 more words

Flash Fiction

A Bunch Of Dumb Words In A Row

Something hopefully close enough to an apology fell out of his mouth. Like drool after a dentist’s visit. There was more to say. Before this was right. 73 more words

Flash Fiction


“The thing about adulthood,” he said, tossing an empty can across the kitchen and missing the recycling bin. “Is that you don’t really grow up.” 83 more words

Flash Fiction