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Tunnels, Towers, Traps

And we crept deeper, until the sun’s light no longer travelled alongside us, and then we groped further in the dark. Neither of us admitting we believed there was something to find within, and that that something should be capitalized. 62 more words

Flash Fiction


The four of them came together at the end of grade 10. Their odd edges fitting together almost seamlessly.

They’d met in third period. Assigned seating. 77 more words

Flash Fiction

A Fair Trade

The drizzle meandered down and gently pressed itself against my maroon dress shirt. The fog sat on top of the skyscrapers, and they seemed to extend farther than my eye could see. 1,096 more words


Things to Think About

You’re thinking about the expansion of the sun and whether humans will survive it. You’re thinking about language, how Martian dialects will be different to the ones on Earth. 147 more words


Truffaut Is Facepalming

“I got it!” declared the film director. “I’ll make an anti-drug movie! That’ll show all those tobacco companies.”

He got to work for three months getting the actors, filming the scenes, and went into post-production. 56 more words

Flash Fiction

Microfiction: A pleasant seat by Jane Dougherty #writephoto

There had always been a house there. It was a good site, close to the river but high enough to be out of reach of flooding. 163 more words


The Neighbor (13) In 100 Words

A bit of serial fiction in 100 word installments. Here are the other parts: one, two, three, four, five, six… 114 more words