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Writer in a Bottle

Sometimes there are no words to describe a beautiful picture.

You simply float in its colours, mesmerised.

You are a writer in a bottle, swirling in a wordless dream. 14 more words


“Mommy, mommy, mommy! Guess what?” Shannon turned from the her novel and smiled into the face of her clearly enthusiastic little girl; “Alright, let’s hear it!” 93 more words

An Evil Science

For some reason, Fox Mulder was no longer played by David Duchovny. Instead, Michael Keaton took on the role. And he’s lecturing Scully in an interrogation room. 159 more words

Short Story

Microfiction: Application Process

“Do you really have experience eating babies?”

The demon leaned forward and smoke spewed out from his nose—threatening to set off the sprinkler system.

“Tons.” 493 more words


Byron Close

Carys was watching Peppa Pig with Jamie when they kicked the door down.

Adrenaline took over. She didn’t remember leaping to her feet, she didn’t remember scooping Jamie into her arms but she was already dashing for the stairs when the man with the baseball bat appeared in the living room doorway. 435 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

And the Winner of The Six Word Story Challenge is…

Howdy Storytellers,

I’m late again, sorry. There’s always something stealing my time away at the minute, but you can’t pass up these hazy Summer evenings, all too soon we’ll be back to twelve hours of miserable darkness! 127 more words


Friday Pasta -- Video Edition

This week, we’ll be doing things a little differently. Instead of a regular creepy pasta, I’m posting a short horror film based on a creepy pasta. 56 more words