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Arse from His Elbow

(550 words)

“Promenaders, they get on my friggin’ nerves! Pull over, Jacko.”

The sleek black police car pulled up, just ahead of a man, tall, leaning forward as he walked, as if forward motion was the only thing preventing him from toppling over. 595 more words

Micro Fiction

Haunted Coast Part XIV

About White Gables? Let me guess, it’s haunted?

I strode ahead, swiping at brambles.

Seriously, the unfriendly villagers and spooky mansion? I’m not daft. Some local is mad I’m renting the place, right? 48 more words


Haunted Coast Part XIII

Moonlight sparkled on dark eyes.

I’m walking the same way, if you want company?

I nodded. His dog pushed its wet nose against my hand, its tail twitching, a timid half-wag. 54 more words


A Fowl Walk

Eddie walked down the street and slurped his drink from 7-Eleven; it was pretty good for the price. The aroma from the food he purchased at a hole-in-the-wall joint was mouthwatering. 200 more words

Creative Writing


Shock took my breath and bottled it, a delicacy on his planet, air tainted with fear and exhilaration.  #StorySpore

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