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Flash fiction: Sheba Epilogue

Couldn’t resist it.

Hilda Scally put down her cup of tea and her head turned slowly, following the antics of the kitten as it chased an imaginary mouse behind her chair. 375 more words


Flash fiction: Sheba

This short story is in response to Ronovan’s prompt—a surprise. It’s dedicated to all those of you who are sick to the back teeth of my sad endings. 478 more words



He had an overwhelming love for everything foreign

Everything unlike him.

Their music was better,

Their skin color was better,

Their despair was better.

His American sadness was mediocre, 37 more words


Picture Triggers: Damp Deckchairs

This week I took my box of pictures into class. These were the ones I chose to write about: 

The flat sea gleams dully in the early morning light. 255 more words

An Unusual Advert

Ever wondered how some people are always calm in a crisis?

Ever wanted to know how to weigh up your options under pressure?

Would you like to know how to manage your own stress levels so that you remain able to make excellent decisions? 7 more words

Flash Fiction

Dangerous Liaison - Gargleblaster Microstories #263

“Mrs. Henretty,” said Dr. Knowles. “Your son fell three stories. He’s alright.”

“He with that Jones widow again?” snarled Petunia.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“He hurt anythin’ vital?” 19 more words

Short Fiction

The Village, Episode 165 – The Hall of The Gnome King #50WordStories

‘So this is an actual declaration of war?’
‘It was found in the lost property box in The Elderly Crow, O King.’
‘Does that make it more real?’ 22 more words

50 Words