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The Night We Met

I remember the night I met you. The music was loud, the lights were flashing. I could barely see you across the club, but you were beautiful. 367 more words



The star was blue and red equally. This cant be thought Cal, the stars are white and maybe sometimes yellow, as he search the skies above.  #StorySpore

Small Stories

Past Imperfect - #268

Photographer: “Inez, honey, could you put that down?

Inez: “What? The book?”

Photographer: “No, your…. why in the world are you even doing that?”

Inez: “What? 69 more words



Welcome to Week 86 of Three Line Tales.

Hosted by Sonya at https://only100words.xyz/2017/09/21/three-line-tales-week-86/


By Neel Anil Panicker

Sir, What you are looking at is the reaction of a young participant on stage, captured on a high resolution I Phone camera phone, at 10:32:48, the exact time down to the very last seconds, on the morning of Tuesday last at The Shanmukhananda  Hall in Mumbai during the Annual Children’s Story Reading Competition. 115 more words


I Am Whole #amwriting

I won’t say you made me feel irrelevant that was on me, for having chosen badly, believing every scornful word you uttered “out of love”. You showed me levels of ugly so in contrast to your beautiful face I now have a map delineating darkness. 25 more words


Your Voltaire from your Trollope

What do you think you are doing in my library?

I see you skulking around as if you think you’re Hercule Poirot looking for clues to a murder which, I assure you, has not happened. 313 more words

Saturday Hooptedoodle

A Successful Audition

“I’ve been doing this since I was a child in the choir,” Tim said, brushing a blond lock of hair from his bright blue eyes. “It’s always been my dream and I’m so glad that you agree I have the talent to become a star.” 46 more words

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