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Microfiction: The white stag

For Sonya’s three line tales writing prompt

Photo ©Rebecca Johnston

The white stag turned to face the hunters and they held their breath.

A wish it would give an they let it go, as they would, for who would kill the white stag? 38 more words


Spirit of the Forest

Robin moved swiftly and silently through the ancient forest, his leaf-green hood blending with the trees, his mighty bow of yew in his hand. He stopped before the clearing, watching the creature from the shadows, sunlight dancing along its white coat as he stretched back the bowstring. 38 more words


Another Kind of Famine


“Go on, help yourself; I can wait.” There was a large bowl of colorful, cooked peppers and a plate of stone-ground tortillas on the small table in the alley. 159 more words


The Other Woman

She watches on as he cuddles up with the other woman.He will pay, thinks she.

With some extra kisses, once grandma hands him back.


Rise & Shine

The roar pulled them from their homes. Wrapped in bathrobes, or comforters. Half-drunk coffees held loose, creases criss-crossing their just removed from pillow faces.

“Awful bright for October,” someone said, their voice, a shiver, moved through the crowd like roofer up a ladder’s rungs. 64 more words

Flash Fiction

Microfiction challenge Freedom: the entries

The Repin painting inspired a lot of fun fantasy romps this week, all with a slightly different, original twist. I enjoyed reading them all, and I recommend you read and comment on the stories too. 200 more words


Amid the Winter's Snow

“Long before you joined, Featherstone, something happened to me.” Old McMoneagle shifted in the red leather armchair.


“I was young, fresh out of Oxford. Master’s in agriculture. 201 more words