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Han (Korean): A collective feeling of oppression and isolation.

I will always be alone.


“I can’t believe you gobbled up all the cake again…. “

“Why don’t you give up, Ma? I will never lose weight, and nobody will marry me.” I swallowed back the tears that sprung up. 43 more words

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Make me believe

“I don’t believe you.”

“Say that once again.”

“I don’t ….. “, a stinging slap hit my face, and brought tears trickling down. Soon, Dad was kissing my tears away, and shedding his own. 21 more words

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Health Conscious

Leela had been my companion on the morning walk for five years now. One couldn’t call us ‘besties’, but we shared a lot, and had learnt to respect differences of opinion. 74 more words

Writing Challenges


“What made you collect this junk? And why am I not allowed to dispose it off?” Nick sounded pretty exasperated.

“I cannot see broken hearts around the junkyard tomorrow.” 76 more words

Writing Challenges

Mid-Week Muses: “Who knew werewolves could be so cliquish!”

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

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Implicit Meaning

They watched the falcons fly out in wide circles from their nests in the underside of the remaining overpass. They had the park to themselves, having climbed over a tilted temporary fence around the construction site. 65 more words

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