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If You're Not Elite, Then Your Cheese Won't Be Sweet

Cheese is a living food. No, I don’t mean that cheese is capable of rising up off the plate and dancing the mambo. And if your cheese is dancing the mambo, then you may want to consider cutting back on the wine you’re drinking with it. 482 more words

Toxin-Producing Bacteria

Our skin is covered with bacteria as part of our normal skin microbiome and typically serves as a barrier that protects us from infection and inflammation. 268 more words


Learning Points from Anne Madden's TED Talk on "Meet the Microscopic Life in Your Home - and on Your Face"

Does the idea of having loads of microorganisms living on you on your skin, and within your body, irk you? Brace yourself for a wild ride, because they might be the potential solutions to our world’s problems, so says Anne Madden, a microbiologist.

TED Talk

How to confirm that a microbe could grow in minimal salts medium?

Growth in a minimal salts medium signifies that a microbe has a competitive advantage over other microbial species for nutrients and, more importantly, environmental habitats. But, how should one confirm that a microbe could grow in minimal salts medium? 212 more words



My love for you
is like the billions of microorganisms
living in your eyes
but I can’t say why
as I really didn’t think
this simile through

Science Resources: Cells and Microorganisms

This is a website targeted towards teachers. This website gives us so many different resources that can help us new teachers teach new subjects with confidence. 94 more words

Life Science

Friday Fellow: H. pylori

by Piter Kehoma Boll

I already introduced three species of bacteria here, all of them free-living and/or friendly little ones. But we all know that many bacteria can be a real annoyance to us humans, and so it’s time to show some of those, right? 395 more words

Friday Fellow