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Water bears

It’s scientifically known that the only two types of creatures that can survive a total nuclear annihilation are cockroaches and everyone’s favourite zombie musician, Keith Richards. 397 more words


Microbe Magic

This is an interactive website that anyone, even kids, can navigate through. There are four different tabs relating to microorganisms, they are: All about Microbes, Inside your Gut, Healthy Living, and Explore your Body.  69 more words

Fungus Among Us

This website provides information specifically on Fungus. I choose this website because I wanted to learn more about mold, which from what I have found out from this website is that there is no such thing as molds! 44 more words

Before there were Plants: Cyanobacteria and Photosynthesis

Life requires a great deal of energy to sustain itself. Every single living cell in our body is constantly screaming out for it. It’s the reason we must eat food – to not only to supply building blocks for new cells, but to satisfy our cells’ enormous energy demand. 784 more words


結節虫のメラニン化と結節における蓄積のそのメカニズムで機能する要因に関する研究 .Factors functioning in nodule melanization of insects and their mechanisms of accumulation in nodules (Sato Lab)


佐藤研究室と菊田研究室の共同研究の研究成果が2014年1月にJournal of Insect Physiology, Volume 60, 40-49ページに発表されました。

1. 血リンパのメラニン化に関与結節中の活性化の要因が発見されました。
2. 微生物や血球によって結節に集中の要因が発見されました。
3. 周囲にダメージなど与えることなく、昆虫が結節をメラニン化する方法が発見されました。




Fig1: Graphical Abstract… 144 more words


Factors Affecting Sterilization and Disinfection

In the previous post, I have mentioned the difference between sterilization and disinfection in addition to their importance in preventing the spread of infectious diseases between the patients.  157 more words