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A British Man Is Throwing A Big Party For Men With Small Penises

When it comes to body image issues, most people don’t stop to consider the plight of the micropeen — or men with less than average penis size — but one man, a poet from Yorkshire named… 264 more words

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The Wee Willy Indicent (Stolen from a Fellow Single Lady)

So, this story made me laugh… a lot. But then I felt terrible and wondered what would I do in this same situation. I mean we have all probably experienced some men with size issues but it isn’t their fault. 127 more words


Is my Dick Small

This is probably the most common question men ponder. Studies have shown that 57% of men are concerned about the length of their penis while 85% of women are satisfied with the penis of their sexual partners and they are not particularly interested in the length of it. 408 more words


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly about Having an Unusually Small Penis

Originally published on queerty.com

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, a micropenis is an “unusually small penis” with an “erect penile length … smaller than about 7 cm.” It is a condition that affects about 0.6 percent of males and that is rarely ever talked about. 977 more words


5. Micropenis

Okay girls this is the story that I’ve told probably about 100 times because it is the absolute worst and it makes me feel like a horrible person (who am I kidding, I AM a horrible person). 1,127 more words

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: size matters

I Feel Bad About My Neck was the title of Nora Ephron’s last collection of essays, subtitled “And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.” The male equivalent of such a book would obviously be titled… 481 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

Forget the nonsense Size does matter (NSFW)

Okay so I was watching an episode of the show The New Girl and it was called Micro as in MicroPenis.

Now the episode was funny as hell but this was the first time I had heard about this as a medical condition. 1,046 more words