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47 People Confess Their Most Awkward And Embarrassing Sexual Experience

1. WRONG time to ask ‘Who’s your daddy?’

“I said, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ and apparently her dad died of cancer 2 weeks before that and she started crying.” 3,082 more words

Poking Fun at Hitler

So I’ve been hearing this rumor about Hitler having a very tiny weenie all over the internet for the past few days. My gut reaction was to be thrilled. 339 more words


'Do You Keep Your Socks On?' And 26 Other Questions Virgins Ask About Sex

Found on AskReddit.


“What happens to your socks? Do you actually keep them on?”


“When you penetrate, can you move your penis left and right and diagonally or is it one accumulated mass of walls of flesh encompassing the penis?” 808 more words

12 Women Describe Their Most God-Awful Sexual Experience

1. Getting oral from him was like watching someone really, really disagree with my vagina

“My ex was not so much in the bedroom. Getting oral from him was like watching someone really, really disagree with my vagina. 1,614 more words

World Champions Of Sex: 13 Mind-Blowing Records About Human Sexuality


A perennially aspiring American actor named Jonah Falcon holds the title of the Man With The World’s Hugest Schlong. His massive man-burrito hangs about 9 inches limp and a daunting 13.5 inches when fully hard, which must require so much blood that it makes him dizzy. 578 more words

Hitler Was SO Butthurt About His Micropenis

Huge news today out of Germany, folks. The Telegraph broke the news today that Adolf Hitler, arguably the biggest piece of shit to walk Planet Earth, had a micropenis. 166 more words


How Big Is The Perfect Penis? 12 Women Take A Stab At The Answer

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1. Sometimes there is a thing as too much dick

“I’ve had 26 sexual partners so far. College was a slutty time….A few of those partners were quite large (7-8 inches). 2,174 more words