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Micro 3-D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds

3-D printing of phone covers and jewelry continues to occupy headlines but more important part of 3-D printing, the micrometer-scale printing has also shown promise for making medical and electronic devices like heart stents, microneedles for painless shots,gecko adhesives, parts for microfluidics chips, and scaffolds for growing cells and tissue. 182 more words


CBM 1000 thermal printer hack

(Rescuing this page from the spam-ridden pbworks Microprinter wiki)

Notes and settings I used to get this printer to work and accept input. The main problem with this printer is the low baud rate (9600) for the connection. 331 more words

Raspberry Pi's onboard Serial connection

One of the reasons I was excited to play with the Pi was the rank of pins on one of its corners, the ‘low-level peripheral… 1,134 more words


SD Microprinter

This is my Microprinter that prints txt files from SD cards. Eventually I would like to hook it up to a ethernet shield and make it do some automated web crawling (programming research required before i get there). 106 more words