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The Byte-BOS Real-Time Multitasking Operating System


Compared to operating systems in general computing, the world of embedded devices remains a world to be discovered by security analysts and hackers alike, and it offers much to explore. 1,869 more words


Microprocessors 8: Sensing light with a CdS Light Dependent Resistor

Today’s activity will be short so I’m sure that everyone could easily understand what we will be doing. Hooray! :)

The program below reads the value obtained from the LDR and prints it on the serial monitor. 168 more words


.09 Thinking about Microprocessors and Microcontrollers!

I’m probably getting a ahead of myself every time I consider picking up something like the Raspberry Pi or the Arduino, but I can’t help but be curious and excited about them! 204 more words

Code Craft: Subtle Interrupt Problems Stack Up

column, Embed with Elliot, just did a great series on interrupts. It came in three parts, illustrating the Good, the Bad, and the… 1,446 more words