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Arduino Esplora Review

The Arduino Gaming Controller, with built in sensors, buttons and a joystick.

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  1. What is the Esplora?
  2. The Technical Specifications
  3. What it can be used for…
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Learn Arduino #1 - Blink!

I wanted to start this tutorial series with a basic project to get going with – writing a program to get a LED to blink. While this may sound easy for anyone to do, it involves using many key Arduino programming principles, which I will introduce to you in this post (woohoo!). 1,019 more words


BBA Rocks !!!!!!

We at BBA believe only studying 24×7 and being a book worm wont fetch you success, but being in pursuit of Excellence will lend you a good carrier.We started this blog with an idea that every member of our esteemed family wouldn’t have to go through hardships when he is absent or bunking or kicked out from class. 22 more words

Introduction to Home Automation and Monitoring

Over the past few months i have been working on a custom built home and automation and monitoring system, using the concept of the Internet of Things (Iot) 775 more words


Brief about Microprocessor and the Features

Microprocessor, also well known as Central Processing Unit (CPU), built-up on a single integrated circuit chip containing several components such as resistors, diodes and transistors, all of which work together. 289 more words

Market Research

Funduino Joystick Shield Reaction Game

The idea of making video games on an Arduino intrigued me – I have seen many games being made on a Raspberry Pi  but never really on an Arduino. 1,652 more words


Raspberry Pi beefs up its Compute Module for industrial users

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has upgraded its Compute Module which is designed for embedded computing and industrial users wanting to produce customized products powered by the microprocessor, such as large-format smart displays. 226 more words