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Basic Microprocessor 8085 program | tutorial 2 | Add two numbers

1. Given : =01


Then ,Add these 2 values stored in consecutive memory locations and store the result in 20C2

LDA 20C0H            [  A=01] 239 more words


Using PIC16F887 External Interrupt in MikroC

Introduction to external interrupt

In PIC16 family external interrupt is an interrupt triggers by the changing of logic state input to pin RB0 of PORTB. Change of logic state has two case: 395 more words


How to reset Arduino millis() function

In Arduino there’s a free running counter for time in millisecond call millis(). This function return an unsigned long data type of time (ms). It start counting from 0 when the program start to the end at 50 days and return to 0 again. 208 more words