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Using Java on microprocessors

I was searching the internet to find out what programming language should I use for programming microprocessors, results I’ve got were including C/C++ as the most frequent used. 104 more words


Learn about Micro-controllers 2

The revolution of digital technology came with the invention of the 8085 microprocessor by intel. Then it become used widely. Other rivals like motorola began to produce their processors too. 76 more words

The W65C265SXB 65xxcelr8r Board

I’m a software engineer working as a consultant for Chariot Solutions developing software solutions for clients to solve business problems. My path to becoming a software engineer started in hardware specifically integrated circuits while working at the… 616 more words


Microprossesornya Tuhan-Tugas Besarku dengan Tuhan

Students designing and building electrical circuits in a student project lab

Halo perkenalkan saya Dela, dari Bandung. Saya ingin bercerita mengenai pengalaman pribadi saya tentang pengalaman kuliah saya bersama Tuhan. 542 more words


Microprocessor, which determines cleavage sites on miRNA-containing primary transcripts, consists of one DROSHA and two DGCR8 molecules

Institute for Basic Science says that an insightful molecular mechanism of how Microprocessor has been revealed by scientists: the DROSHA-DGCR8 complex, precisely determines cleavage sites on miRNA-containing primary transcripts allowing faithful initiation of microRNA biogenesis. 315 more words