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Robotics - Intro

When even I tell people, “I am building a robot”, they imagine a human shaped machines made of steel with weird English accent. But robot is just a… 375 more words


Difference between Address Bus, Control Bus and Data Bus in the Microprocessor?

What is the purpose and role of Address Bus, Data Bus and Control  Bus in Microprocessor?

What are the basic differences between them?

Microprocessor as from name micro(10^-6)processor is processing device of every computing or digital device. 351 more words


Difference Between Microcontroller And Microprocessor.

You must always be confused when you are asked about difference between microprocessors and microcontrollers. As it seems to be same but it’s not.  So let’s discuss about them and point out the major differences between them. 548 more words


The Surprising Story Of The First Microprocessors

If you maintain an interest in vintage computers, you may well know something of the early history of the microprocessor, how Intel’s 4-bit 4004, intended for a desktop calculator, was the first to be developed, and the follow-up 8008 was the first 8-bit device. 303 more words

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Basics of Embedded System Viva question and answer

Q. What is Embedded System?
Ans: A combination of computer hardware and software, and perhaps additional mechanical or other parts, designed to perform a dedicated function. 344 more words

ARM Microcontroller

Microprocessor Architecture

Microprocessor Architecture Classification

Microprocessor Architecture is classified using different aspects.

Instruction set architecture

  •       Complexity based ISA


  •         Instruction operand based ISA

Memory-memory based,Register-memory based,Register-register based… 144 more words