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14 Difference Between Microprocessor And Microcontroller

1. Microprocessor is an IC which has only the CPU inside them.
Microcontroller has a CPU, in addition with a fixed amount of RAM, ROM and other peripherals all embedded on a single chip. 229 more words

Making a dsPIC30F3011 prototyping board

I have a dsPIC30F3011 bought from taobao many years ago. Anytime I prototype I need to wiring it on the breadboard consuming more time, and having a risk of burning it if I wrongly wire. 84 more words


Making an AVR Microcontroller Learning Board

AVR microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller from ATMEL(Microchip Technology). It’s very popular along with 8-bit Microchip PIC. ATMega32 is one of the most used and powerful device. 109 more words


Making a low speed frequency meter using MikroC

Frequency meter can be made using a simple method, but this method could measure a low frequency range. It’s suitable for any application at the system that process with a low frequency input. 241 more words


8051 I/O Port Programming using KEIL C with AT89S52 simulation on Proteus 8 and Prototyping Board

In this section I gonna show you a basic Inputs Outputs Port programming in KEIL using embedded C.

Here’s the schematic work of this section. 244 more words


Using Arduino using Proteus VSM 8

Proteus VSM 8 supports firmware editing along with simulation such as MPLAB plugin for PICMicro, KEIL for 8051, Arduino and so on.

In this example I show you how to create an Arduino project, writing Arduino code, simulating and uploading code to Arduino board using Proteus 8 only. 14 more words


Microcontroller two-digit counter with multiplexed seven segment display

In this example I write a C program to multiplex two digits seven segments display (SSD). The system is just a count-up counter with the input pulse being fed from RD7. 127 more words