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ARM-Cortex M0 programming with lpc1114FN28 - an overview

WHAT is it?

The lpc1114FN28 is a low cost, low power 32 bit MCU designed in a 28dip package, it is breadboard friendly and very easy to set up for those who are new to ARM programming (like me). 2,073 more words


Building with Spark: Part 2 (FSR and LED)

Now that I’ve done the tutorials on the Spark examples page it’s time to try one on my own. Well, on my own with a lot of help from Google that is. 466 more words



Like most of people who starts MIPS assembly i used to use SPIM simulator.Then i think, it is so simple to simulate anything like it is just a assembler.After tried QEMU (it is also good for trying MIPS environment – but it is also slow) i found MARS: a Mips assembler and runtime-simulator.It has lots of tools for better experiance.You even don’t have to install just open and use (thanks to Java). 42 more words


Non-Arduino powered by a piece of Computing history

Sometimes it is a blessing to have some spare time on your hands, specially if you are a hacker with lots of ideas and skill to bring them to life. 312 more words

Arduino Hacks

Referensi [Prokom & Micro]

Untuk Mata Kuliah Pemrograman Komputer, Silakan download materi berikut:

Sedang untuk mahasiswa microprocessor dan interfacing, silakan download materi didalam link berikut : 11 more words

Hello World!

Selamat Datang di PROKOMTF, blog ini dibuat untuk menyediakan informasi perkuliahan berikut

  • Pemrograman Komputer, S1 Teknik Fisika ITS (2014/2015)
  • Pemrograman Komputer, D3 Teknik Fisika ITS (2014/2015)
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ARM launches a faster, more efficient chip design for smartphones

Nearly every single smartphone sold last year uses a processor originally designed by ARM. On Tuesday, the British company announced new processor designs that will likely end up in devices in 2016. 469 more words