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New ESP8266 with Bluetooth and 500K RAM?

This is a little late but I spotted this tweet from Espressif and a post on CNX about a new variation of the ESP8266 going into beta testing. 41 more words


Microprocessor 1: Getting Started with Arduino

For the first lab activity, we were asked to familiarize ourselves with the basics of Arduino. After getting the Arduino boards, we downloaded and installed the Arduino software. 370 more words



For an embedded system to perform the predefined task, a controlling/supervisory device is required. Whatever the device will be, it should have ability to do arithmetic, logical, storage and decisive operations. 540 more words


বিটগণিত ০৩ঃ কম্পিউটার যোগ করে কিভাবে

আগের পর্বে বানী দেয়া হয়েছিল “কম্পিউটার শুধু যোগ করতে পারে”। আর কিছুই করতে পারে না।

WRONG! এক্কেবারেই ভুল কথা।

ক-ক-ক-কম্পিউটার আসলে যোগটাও করতে পারে না। 105 more words


Embedded Systems: A brief insight

Let’s start with very basics of ES.

What is an Embedded System?

On a broader sense, an embedded system is any organized integration which performs a predefined task. 193 more words

Embedded Systems


Q156. Define Microprocessor.

Ans. A large-scale integrated circuit that can be programmed to perform arithmetic and logic functions and to manipulate data.

Display System time by TASM (MP)

Aim: Program to display system time using DOS/BIOS interrupt.


 .STACK 100H


      PROMPT  DB  ‘Current System Time is : $’    

      TIME    DB  ’00:00:00$’       106 more words