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My GitHub

For anyone whose interested I have finally got around to setting up my GitHub account. The only repository on there at the moment is my Stellaris Launch Pad MOD and S3M player StellarPlayer as requested but I will endeavour to add more in the future. 9 more words




The LPC1114FN28 has two pin ports (0 and 1) that make totally 22 pins (12 for port 0 and 10 for port 1, as shown in the image below). 1,589 more words


ARM-Cortex M0 programming with lpc1114FN28 - an overview

WHAT is it?

The lpc1114FN28 is a low cost, low power 32 bit MCU designed in a 28dip package, it is breadboard friendly and very easy to set up for those who are new to ARM programming (like me). 2,073 more words


Building with Spark: Part 2 (FSR and LED)

Now that I’ve done the tutorials on the Spark examples page it’s time to try one on my own. Well, on my own with a lot of help from Google that is. 466 more words



Like most of people who starts MIPS assembly i used to use SPIM simulator.Then i think, it is so simple to simulate anything like it is just a assembler.After tried QEMU (it is also good for trying MIPS environment – but it is also slow) i found MARS: a Mips assembler and runtime-simulator.It has lots of tools for better experiance.You even don’t have to install just open and use (thanks to Java). 42 more words


Non-Arduino powered by a piece of Computing history

Sometimes it is a blessing to have some spare time on your hands, specially if you are a hacker with lots of ideas and skill to bring them to life. 312 more words

Arduino Hacks

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Untuk Mata Kuliah Pemrograman Komputer, Silakan download materi berikut:

Sedang untuk mahasiswa microprocessor dan interfacing, silakan download materi didalam link berikut : 11 more words