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What are these thingy machines?

CPU’s? P.U.

It’s the year 2015 and literally every person on the planet has some sort of access to the inter webs. Whether it be a laptop, desktop, or server, all these magic boxes work the same way. 414 more words


ARM Announces 64-Bit Processors Coming in 2014

ARM on Tuesday announced that it will be bringing 64-bit chips to market in 2014.
ARM’s Cortex-A50 series of processors are based on the ARMv8 architecture and take what ARM describes as “a fresh approach to 64-bit compute.” These chips are designed to be low-power, which…

Introduction to Microcontrollers

A microcontroller is a small and low-cost computer built for the purpose of dealing with specific tasks, such as displaying information in a microwave LED or receiving information from a television’s remote control. 203 more words

Micro-controller 8051

A group of researchers led by IBM has produced the first-ever 7-nanometer computer chips, the tech giant announced Thursday, calling them the “next generation” of microprocessors. 59 more words


What's next for departing Intel president Renee James?

Renee James, is ceding her title as president of Intel to pursue a CEO job somewhere else. This is interesting given James’ long tenure at the chip giant and the fact that she’s spearheading… 457 more words


Maybe we ought to have Numerical Coprocessors?

The past decade has seen the rise of GPGPUs. We’re leveraging the tremendous computational power of graphics cards to accelerate computationally intensive applications such as machine learning, video compression and sorting. 288 more words


AVR (Microprocessors And Embedded Software)


Develop environments.

  • Operating system : Linux Ubuntu
  • Tool chains:
    • assembler: avr-as
    • linker: avr-ld
    • objcopy: avr-objcopy
    • debugger: avr-gdb


In calling convention

  • R0: scratch
  • R1: assumed to contain zero (callee saved)
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