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Two Critical Flaws Discovered in the World's Computers

The Spectre and Meltdown security flaws are definitely very severe indeed.

Computer security experts have discovered two major security flaws in the microprocessors inside nearly all of the world’s computers. 847 more words


Critical Chip Flaws Affect About Every Machine

Researchers from Google’s Project Zero Team, Cyberus Technology, Graz University of Technology, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Maryland, Rambus, and University of Adelaide and Data61, apparent analytical flaws in a adjustment acclimated by best avant-garde processors for achievement access that could acquiesce an antagonist to apprehend acute arrangement memory, which could accommodate passwords, encryption keys, and emails, for example. 504 more words

Security Flaw in Intel Chips Could Let Hackers Steal Data

Reuters news agency reports that Intel Corp on Wednesday acknowledged a report that a design flaw in its chips could let hackers steal data from computing devices but said that it was working on a solution that would not significantly slow computers. 99 more words

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Intel Memory Leak

Happy Hump Day.

And holy floating point processor, Batman, The Register is reporting that there’s a “fundamental design flaw” in Intel’s processor chips that has forced “a significant redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels to defang the chip-level security bug.” 214 more words


Intel's Biggest Rival Is Up 7% After Intel Revealed a Major Security Flaw

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. surged in early trading after a report that Intel Corp., its only remaining rival in the market for personal computer processors, has a flaw in its products that makes commonly used operating systems vulnerable to hackers. 441 more words


The Morning Dump - Dec 13

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Generate a square wave

Use Keil software to generate a square wave at port 1.7 of 50% duty cycle and
view the timer and port operations through peripherals window. Use timer 1 in… 77 more words

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