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Why Are Two Different Versions of Microsoft Office Offered By Windows 10?

As a Windows 10 user, there are two different versions of Microsoft Office that can be utilized by you. One version is the desktop office and the other is the universal office. 948 more words

Cloud Computing

'Sea Of Thieves' Will Support PC/Xbox One Cross-Play

PC and console pirates may sail the seven seas together when Sea of Thieves launches next year. 255 more words


How To: Connect to Azure Cloud Service VM via RDC

I recently deployed an Azure Cloud Service with Remote Desktop enabled. However, when I went to connect to it on port 3389, the server refused the connection. 230 more words


Amazon’s cloud service¬†is its most profitable unit. Microsoft has pegged its future to its cloud computing businesses, leading to a very enthusiastic¬†response from Wall Street. 61 more words


Surgery from across the world

(New Zealand Herald) – Telesurgery, or operating on a patient using a robot hundreds of kilometres away, could be the future of healthcare, say experts. 365 more words

Big companies are too slow, too disorganized and too stuck under the weight of outdated playbooks and bad habits to benefit from opportunities to innovate. 37 more words