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  • Is your company planning or in the process of moving to Office 365 ?
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CISCO C380 IronPort blocking emails

Today we encountered another issue again after network perimeter firewall replacement. This is always the issue as our SMTP routes through the firewall. We noticed that all external outgoing emails are stuck in IronPort and what is the troubleshooting steps taken to check on the queues. 68 more words

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To Setup Forwarding from a distribution list to an Office 365 Group

There is not a straight forward process to forward email from a distribution list to an Office 365 Group. You would need to follow these steps in order to do that- 93 more words

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Export All Exchange Mailboxes with Send-As, Full Access & Send-On-Behalf-Of Permissions

There are many times when I need to get a list of all mailboxes that have full control or Send-As permissions assigned to them. In an organization with hundreds or thousands of mailboxes, using the console is not intuitive and sometimes you have to run multiple PowerShell scripts to get the results you need. 256 more words


Useful Exchange 2013 Commands Script

These are some useful commands script to be run in Exchange Management Shell.

Refresh Disconnected Mailboxes

Get-MailboxStatistics -Database MailboxName| ForEach { Update-StoreMailboxState -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.MailboxGuid -Confirm:$false } 71 more words

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Using the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Export features for Mass Exports to PST files

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User AD\Administrator

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Administrator -FilePath “\\AZUA\Exports\Administrator.pst”

Taken from: http://www.stevieg.org/2010/07/using-the-exchange-2010-sp1-mailbox-export-features-for-mass-exports-to-pst/

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Power Shell Script to create Contact-Cards imported from a .csv

Good Day to All, I was asked to create Contact Cards in Microsoft Exchange 2010, now this seems like an easy task in the EMC (Exchange Management Console) but when you have 2,000 contacts to create, EMC doesn’t seem much fun after all. 205 more words

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