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Interactive Wall Using Servo Motors and Kinect Sensor

First Internship Project: This summer holiday, I started to work on a project to develop an Interactive Wall using Kinect Camera Sensor and Servo Motors. An Interactive wall is constructed of several servo motors (around 400) embedded in the wall connected to a microcontroller and an RGB Camera with a depth sensor, whole setup connected to a microprocessor. 542 more words


MIT researchers used a $150 Microsoft Kinect to 3D scan a giant T. rex skull

MIT’s Camera Culture group has been able to successfully capture a high-resolution 3D scan of a Tyrannosaurus rex skull using about $150 worth of equipment and some free software. 351 more words


Cheap(ish) Scanning at Home using a Microsoft® Kinect

It is accurate to say that everybody knows what a printer is – a device that puts information on paper. Fast-forward to the 21-century, and printers still have a place in the world. 1,262 more words


Ideum combines motion tracking with a 4K touchscreen kiosk to bring in interactivity

Ideum’s multi-touch kiosk features a 4K Ultra HD 55-inch display and an integrated Microsoft-Kinect Sensor for motion tracking. The display is powered by Projected-capacitative touch technology from 3M. 38 more words

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