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Latest Visual Studio 2017 Update (version 15.2)

You can grab the latest Visual Studio 2017 update now (version 15.2) and view the release notes at https://www.visualstudio.com/en-gb/news/releasenotes/vs2017-relnotes#15.1.26430.16 which was released on 17th July 2017.

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Amazon brings .Net Core support to AWS Cloud

Re-post from http://opensourceforu.com/2017/07/amazon-brings-net-core-support-aws-cloud/

Encouraging developers to massively build cross-platform applications, Amazon has added .Net Core support to its AWS Cloud services. The series that has been upgraded with the new support includes the AWS CodeStar and AWS CloudBuild services.

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Re-blog: C# Version History: Examining the Language Past and Present

Please note I am not the author of this blog post, it is a re-blog, please visit original article at https://blog.ndepend.com/c-versions-look-language-history/

I still remember my first look at C# in the early 2000s.   1,556 more words

Microsoft .NET Development

Tips To Help In Getting The Best Results From Software Outsourcing India

Almost every company these days needs software to manage its every day operations. From maintaining financial details of the company, to managing the inflow and outflow of stock and raw materials, the companies are increasingly using these softwares for managing every aspect of their business.  468 more words

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What is the Microsoft .NET development Environment?

The .NET development environment is designed in such a way that is enables standardized, platform independent web-to-web communications. Furthermore, .NET enables web servers, personal computers and various devices to share and exchange information across the internet easily. 515 more words

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Factors That Push Companies To Opt For Software Outsourcing India

All companies strive to accelerate their business. Every company tries to execute big projects in order to grow in scale and size. However, not every company has the required manpower or resources for executing these big projects. 495 more words

Working Out Solutions for Salesforce Development with Software Outsourcing India

Customer interaction is one of the primary focuses for most of the companies, especially in a growing economy like India. Various companies are trying to make their mark in the competitive scenario, especially with the help of software tools and computing technology. 478 more words

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