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IM on it—Why Instant Messaging is Collaboration’s Secret Weapon

Implementing an instant messaging platform is important for productivity for teams of all sizes. Enabling a system for quick, informal, easy-to-reference and mobile chats keeps teams connected for nimble collaborations—resulting in a major value-add to your business. 443 more words

Microsoft's new Authenticator app lets you approve logins from an Apple Watch

Microsoft is overhauling its authenticator apps for Android and iOS next month, with new features and a refreshed user interface. While Microsoft has long supported two-factor authentication for multiple services on Android, the iOS app has always been restricted to Microsoft Azure. 209 more words

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Microsoft’s latest Windows ads highlights HP and Dell PCs - Prasanjeet Speaks (MSPU)

Microsoft today released few ads to promote Windows running on HP and Dell PCs. These ads highlight how HP Spectre x360 and Dell XPS 13 running Windows offer better experience over Mac devices.

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 arrive on Xbox One tomorrow — Prasanjeet Speaks(MSPU)

Marvel announced that the both entries in its popular Ultimate Alliance series are getting remastered, and you’ll be able to buy them tomorrow. They’re remastered versions of the original games, and feature improved graphics, performance, and some user interface tweaks.

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Cancelled Lumia 2020, 650 XL and lots more!

The decline of Lumia devices was because of various reasons as different high tech journalists say. The hardware or software didn’t quite compel the masses as the debut Lumias did. 215 more words

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The clock is ticking! Aren't you forgetting something that you're gonna regret later?

Windows 10 free update ends 29 July!

In case you’ve forgotten, I remind you once again to update you Windows PC to Windows 10 before July 29 for free!

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French company makes its own Surface Table using Windows 10

Remember the Surface Table? The coffee-table sized tablet that was supposed to become a staple in every corporate office until tablet-sized tablets became a thing? 176 more words

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