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Microsoft Office SmartArt – curving text in shape

Recently someone I was teaching had created some Stacked Venn SmartArt similar to below but she wanted the text to follow the curve.

Select the text, then on the… 63 more words

Microsoft Office - labels for stacked column totals

If you create a stacked column chart it is easy enough to show data labels for the individual parts of the stacked column but not so obvious how to create a label just showing the column total. 163 more words

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Security Warning in Office 2013

In the previous post of mine I mentioned about how Office 2013 and Windows 8 protects us from files that we wave downloaded from the Internet or received one as an a attachment from Outlook. 619 more words

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Microsoft Office – hiding the Mini Toolbar

Although I love using the Mini Toolbar (Office 2010, 2013, 2016) one lady I was training recently said she found it a nuisance and could she switch it off. 55 more words

Microsoft Office 2007 And 2010

Help – everything on my screen looks upside down

If you suddenly find that everything on your screen looks upside down, chances are you have inadvertently hit Ctrl + Alt + Down keys. (It happened to someone I was training when I was demonstrating using… 51 more words

How to stop Office 2013 welcome to your new office screen

I have been deploying Office 2013 to many clients now-a-days and one of them started to complain about the Office welcoming screen that shows up when you first launch one of Office’s products. 192 more words

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Office 2013 intro sessions for December

St George’s will be rolling out Office 2013 on the 16th December. If you want to get a taste of the news features, come along to one of our Microsoft Office 2013 intro sessions: 143 more words