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Stand out when you speak (F!RST framework - part 4)

Be honest with yourself. How much would you say your talks stand out from other people’s? More to the point, how much would your audience… 3,101 more words


Your slide presentation / PowerPoint presentation can be improved ENORMOUSLY with this one incredible presentation tip. Get the promotion that you deserve!


Slide presentations are now a main ingredient in almost all lectures and presentations (Figure 1).

The issue:

Computers have made slide presentations extremely easy to make (example in Figure 2), but haven’t helped with one issue: presentations often go on FAR TOO LONG. 822 more words


Know more Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

The most typical issue that any Microsoft PowerPoint user faces is the screen hanging or screen freezing problem. There are usually many methods to technically troubleshoot this issue and we’ll discuss about a few in this article. 323 more words


Be the spark! Ignite action with your talk

In this post, you’ll find tips you can use to help motivate your listeners to turn your words into action. And through that action, people can… 1,573 more words


Get Microsoft 365 for free!

Are you studying in Trimester 3?

If so, you’re probably taking this time now to ensure you’re fully prepared for the coming trimester. Enrolling in classes, buying notepads, ensuring your personal computer has all the software you need. 174 more words

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Guide to using a Chromecast as digital signage

I just wanted to share something I stumbled across. At school we have an old TV with a custom computer attached that is running some digital signage software. 275 more words


Better Your Blog: PowerPoint Presentation

Dear students,

For your reference, here is the PowerPoint presentation for this class:

Better your WordPress Blog 22 more words