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HTTP Error 503 Accessing Company Web on SBS 2011 Standard

Taken from: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2011/08/17/http-error-503-accessing-company-web-on-sbs-2011-standard.aspx

If your SharePoint service account passwords ever become out-of-sync, you will have issues trying to accesshttp://companyweb. The most common error you will see is “HTTP Error 503. 785 more words


Corrupted SharePoint Blog Post.aspx page and how to fix it

This is one possible solution which can also be applied to O365(possibly).

The solution is to re-activate two features related to Blogs site. These features should re-create the broken post.aspx page. 41 more words


Infopath 2013 and the Nebulous(at best) Negotiate Setting


If you are like me, you want SharePoint to be the most simple thing ever, however, if you are like me, it never ever happens that way. 329 more words

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SharePoint 2013 List threshold error and retrieving data - Unable to execute query: Error 0x80070024

If you get the following error when your users have less privileges than let’s say and admin:

Unable to execute query: Error 0x80070024The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold… 151 more words


SharePoint/O365 JSOM - App(Add-In) - Updating list items and making your custom action behave like a popup window

I am a bit lazy today so I will not go into too much detail on the code below. It is rather self explanatory. The first piece of the code is getting selected list items and the second part is updating fields in a list item. 894 more words


SharePoint CSOM - Add a content type to a site and install an app

This is a small code snippet on how to add a content type to a site and how to install an app(or these days an Add-In). 380 more words


Sharepoint CSOM copy (move), delete and update files from one site collection to another

Here is a code sample on how to copy a file from one site collection to another one. Also how to update a file uploaded in the target destination and how to remove it from the source location. 465 more words