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Get the item count in a list inside a SharePoint site using PowerShell (Iterate through all subsites)

Here I got my first chance to work with PowerShell and I made it a point to write about this to keep this learning with me. 206 more words

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Video on how to customize the SharePoint 2013 Search Display Templates.

In this video I walk through how to customize the Search Results WebPart using a custom display template which allows for modifying the HTML, CSS and even adding sorting on Managed Property columns using JavaScript.


SharePoint 2013: Designer workflow error with ‘Call HTTP web service’ action

While working on one of the workflow development task, it was required to have a web service call to fetch data from SharePoint. To achieve that I used ‘Call HTTP web service’ action but with that I was getting following exception “Unable to deserialize HTTP response content. 141 more words

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How to use SharePoint for your business?

You have been searching and now you found this post. You have more than likely heard many good things about SharePoint, maybe even tried to use SharePoint, but you are still wondering if SharePoint is something you should leverage for your business. 774 more words


InfoPath is back from the dead...sort of.

As you may or may not know, InfoPath has been the subject of much speculation in the SharePoint community, with Microsoft saying that they will be killing it off, then changing its mind about it. 177 more words

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Shortcuts in Microsoft SharePoint

Over the last couple of years, I have reviewed many Microsoft SharePoint Farms. Very few have been great, some have been good, most have left little to be desired. 96 more words

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