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SharePoint Search and changing the Created and LastModified fields

If you want to change the LastModified and Created fields of a list item or a document you can use this code to do that: 249 more words


PowerShell script how to backup lists and restore them in another location through list templates

Ok, this is one way of doing this. Perhaps this is usefulĀ in a situation where you need to backup lists with their data from an older SharePoint version and restore it in another SharePoint version. 797 more words


How to use Microsoft Graph to get office groups listed in a native (Console) application

To get groups from using Microsoft Graph you have to do the following things:

  • Register an application using Azure AD and give required privileges to the application…
  • 922 more words

PnP Partner-Pack Site Provisioning: Weirdness, quirks and guide

If you have been playing around with the Site Provisioning in the PnP Partner Pack you might have run into problems when installing it. While the instructions are rather good there are still some problems which I ran into and are not mentioned in the instruction(or I might have just passed by them). 749 more words


SharePoint Seach Query: Include or Exclude empty or null dates

This was a tricky one for me. I had to search and figure out by trial and error what works.

To filter out a datetime managed property you could use definition: 82 more words


How to change SharePoint AD group names after the group name has changed in Active Directory

Well this is simple really, The code goes through each site collection, identifies groups coming from AD, then retrieves the same group using the SID value from Active Directory and updaes the SharePoint group name based on the value in the Active Directory. 222 more words

How to set O365 PageLayout Associated Content Type field

Here is a code snippet to set your page layouts associated content type. This one was a bit weird when I first tried to set it. 219 more words