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SharePoint/O365 JSOM - App(Add-In) - Updating list items and making your custom action behave like a popup window

I am a bit lazy today so I will not go into too much detail on the code below. It is rather self explanatory. The first piece of the code is getting selected list items and the second part is updating fields in a list item. 899 more words


SharePoint CSOM - Add a content type to a site and install an app

This is a small code snippet on how to add a content type to a site and how to install an app(or these days an Add-In). 380 more words


Sharepoint CSOM copy (move), delete and update files from one site collection to another

Here is a code sample on how to copy a file from one site collection to another one. Also how to update a file uploaded in the target destination and how to remove it from the source location. 373 more words


PowerShell SharePoint Updating list item Authors and Editors

Notice this code snippet assumes that you have already retrieved your list item also this code can be used to keep the original author and editor of an item while making changes to list items through a script with admin privileges. 190 more words


O365 CSOM Getting User profile information without possible errors


Here is a solution for a particular problem trying to access O365 user profiles without specifying credentials which proper privileges to the user profiles. Notice that it is not enough to add permissions to your app which uses CSOM. 243 more words


SharePoint 2013 - Update/Clear Taxonomy Field Value using C# CSOM

This post will detail you with sample code snippet to update and clear value of a  taxonomy field of a list item.

Update value to Taxonomy Field: 216 more words

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SharePoint 2013 EMail Alerts with wrong URLs under extended zones

I had to make a fix to the problem described in the title above. Basically the issue is that if you have an extended zone and you are initiating an alert from you SharePoint environment in the E-Mail. 355 more words