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Selecting an EMR/EHR Software for Your Practice

Choosing an effective and proficient EMR/EHR software can be a daunting and costly job. These days there are large number of vendors that promises to fulfill your needs. 488 more words

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A journey towards the Microsoft SharePoint Master Pages

In this cut throat competitive world, it is extremely important to avail the services of Microsoft SharePoint for increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your business. 488 more words

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SharePoint - Setting users or groups for a membership webpart through code

This is a rather simple thing… well once you have cracked it :).

There are two properties which need to be set:

  • DisplayType => this property will define what kind of a group it is: 
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Who Would Be the Right EMR Vendor for Your Organization

Electronic Medical Records (EHR/EMR) have been in the hot news for quite a long time. These solutions have been discussed by medical professionals belonging to health industry and came to the conclusion that making use of EMRs can bring about positive and radical change in the medical field. 413 more words

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SharePoint 2013 - Disable multiple columns in Quick Edit

Until SP 2010, the datasheet was quite useful but rudimentary. It was an ActiveX control that did not allow any alterations to be made. With 2013, Microsoft came up with a slightly (very slightly) better replacement called the Quick Edit. 333 more words


Efficient Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

One of the foundations of a medical practice is the capability to proficiently schedule work processes and appointments. In order to keep track record of and create medical appointment scheduling, an effective software application is considered to be the best choice for medical practice. 462 more words

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Deciding on Electronic Health Records Software

Electronic Health Records software was built to offer doctors and physicians with convenience to keep, access and modify patients’ records. Ideally EHRs would include patient charts, patient updates, claims filing, patient statement and claims printing. 383 more words

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