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Extract, Transform, and Load Yelp Data using Python and Microsoft SQL Server

In this post, I will demonstrate a simple ETL process of Yelp data by calling the Yelp API in Python, and transforming and loading the data from Python into a Microsoft SQL Server database. 1,433 more words

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Search Solving SQL Server High CPU with IIS Request Filtering

The other day I was troubleshooting 100%  CPU utilization on a SQL Server 2008 database server. The server had 100 or so databases of varying sizes however none were larger than a few hundred MB and each database had a corresponding web site on a separate web server.  968 more words

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Query Tuning - Adding Included Columns To An Existing Index

— by Lori Brown @SQLSupahStah

For the most part, I stick to my daily DBA duties of making sure that SQL Server maintenance is running and that the proverbial lights are on in all my SQL boxes. 584 more words

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Dyanmics CRM Data Migration using KingswaySoft Tips

I will divide the tips to CRM/SQL & Kingswaysoft parts:

CRM & SQL Optimizations:

  • Disable CRM plugins, audit and/or workflows in your initial load if you can, as they all have certain impact to your data integration or migration performance.
  • 585 more words
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Creating a list of random numbers

I was working on a blog post this weekend that required a list of random numbers. Now, this isn’t exactly an uncommon task, but it’s not as easy as it would seem. 482 more words

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Script to take backups of all databases at a time in SQL Server

You can use below script to take the backup of all databases in an SQL Server.

DECLARE @DBName varchar(255)



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