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SQL Server Memory In Task Manager – Tell Your Manager to Not Worry!

-by Ginger Keys

We are going to re-promote this subject because it is still so relevant. All too often we run into people who are in a panic after looking at Task Manager to try to diagnose SQL stress. 2,307 more words

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Using OUTPUT with a field list.

I recently wrote an article for SQL Server Central about using OUTPUT. In case you aren’t aware OUTPUT is a clause that lets you… 425 more words

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Easy to read CHECKDB

If you ask a senior DBA what are the top 5 most important commands in T-SQL you’ll probably see DBCC CHECKDB in most if not all of those lists. 828 more words

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Daily shot - use the extended properties

How can you add metadata (i.e.: build number, last deploy date, etc.) for your database? One way if you create a table for it but I find better and more elegant if you use the extended properties. 101 more words

Daily Shot

How to move TempDB files to another location

First of all lets use sp_helpfile on tempdb database to get the list of all the tempdb files there are.

-- Shows all tempdb files
USE tempdb
EXEC sp_helpfile

… 89 more words
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Enable/Disable Change Tracking on a Database

The following script can be used to enable/disable Change Tracking on a particular database.

-- Enable
ALTER DATABASE database_name 

-- Disable 
ALTER DATABASE database_name

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1. Setting up Microsoft SQL Server 2014

In order for us to extract data for it to be reviewed, inspected, cleansed and reloaded to a data warehousing area there are many steps that needs to be taken.   480 more words