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SQL Server System Databases


In this blog we are going to learn interesting things about the Sytem Databases.

The value of SQL Server system databases cannot be underestimated due to the significant amount of information residing in these databases. 1,779 more words

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Windowing without a partition by or an order by

If you’ve never worked with windowing functions they look something like this:

SELECT name, max(create_date) OVER 
		-- No this isn't meant to make sense
		(PARTITION BY lower(left(name,1)) ORDER BY owner_sid)
FROM sys.databases; 312 more words
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The default filegroup, and why you should care.

You know you can have multiple filegroups right? You might have a separate filegroup for the data (the clustered index & heaps) and another for the indexes (non-clustered indexes). 334 more words

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Query to Get SQL Job Info from sysprocesses

— By Lori Brown @SQLSupahStah

We recently were troubleshooting an issue where one client reported that the SQL instance was suddenly very slow. One of the things we do is check to see what queries are currently running in SQL by using the following query: 642 more words

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Synonyms, how and why.

Did you know SQL Server has a thing called a synonym? It’s not something you see used very often even though it’s been around for >10 years (SQL 2005). 471 more words

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Notification for Restored Database

— by Ginger Keys

According to best practices for a SQL environment, you should never place your test or development databases on a production server. However sometimes best practices are ignored, sometimes the DBA’s advice is disregarded ( 506 more words

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Settings Goals Professionally

I was reminded of this topic after yesterday’s #SQLChat. Have you set professional goals for yourself? If so, have you set them professionally? What do I mean? 674 more words