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Find SQL Server 2008 R2 Product Key from Powershell

Open Poweshell and copy paste this script function:

function Get-SQLserverKey {
## function to retrieve the license key of a SQL 2008 Server.
## by Jakob Bindslet (jakob@bindslet.dk) 190 more words
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Using multiple log files

The transaction log is made up of one or more files that are used sequentially. So in other words if you have multiple log files then new log information will only be written within one of those files at a time. 279 more words

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Reset a lost or forgotten SA password

— By Lori Brown  @SQLSupahStah

Any login that is a member of the sysadmin role can reset the SA password. But, what if you have a hostile takeover by an application or for some strange reason don’t have any other logins as members of the sysadmin role?   421 more words

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SSMS Setup

Every time I install a new version of SSMS I make a handful of changes to the default setup. For my own notes, and in case anyone is interested in some of the things you can do with SSMS I thought I’d post a list of those changes. 481 more words

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How to specify template parameter values in SQL Server Management Studio

When using templates in SQL Server Management studio (for example using a template to create new stored procedure), there is always a bunch of parameters for which you need to specify values. 43 more words


Good DBA! Tasks that all DBA’s should do to have a Stable SQL Server

— By Lori Brown  @SQLSupahStah

What are the critical aspects of SQL Server that a DBA should check on a daily basis?  How about on a weekly or monthly basis? 512 more words

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Hiding one or more columns

This isn’t something you have to do frequently, but sometimes you don’t want the users to have access to certain columns in a table. For example let’s say you have a salary column in your employee table that you don’t want everyone seeing. 460 more words

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