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Handling Multiple Missing Index Recommendations for the Same Table

— By Jeff Schwartz

The Problem

Many articles concerning SQL Server missing index recommendations demonstrate the mechanics for obtaining them and often highlight whether the suggested key columns are used in equality or inequality relationships. 2,011 more words

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Remember What It's Like to Be a Rookie

File this under “soft skills.” Let me start with a recent experience.

Last week I was leading a team of youth working around their local community. 608 more words


Default Database Reports - Disk Usage by Table

Every now and again you need to know how big a table is. Or several tables. Or all of the tables. Number of rows is frequently handy when you’re going to create a new index or otherwise modify the table. 248 more words

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Default Instance Reports - Configuration Changes History

Hey, who changed the max memory setting for the xyz instance? The good news is that this information is captured in the default trace. Even better is the fact that there is a report that will pull the data out of the default trace and make it nice and easy to see. 83 more words

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[Powershell] SCCM Client Health "Super Query"

I was asked to create a report on devices in AD and SCCM, and report on whether or not AD devices were in the SCCM database, and if so, what their health status was. 587 more words

Azure SQL 2016 Clustering

On my continue IT learning and passion.  I have setup two nodes Microsoft SQL Server 2016 clustering on Azure.

There are many preparations that must be done like: 253 more words

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AlwaysOn 2016 - Encrypted Databases and Performance

–By Ginger Keys

It is common knowledge that encrypting a database causes degraded performance in a SQL server. In an AlwaysOn environment performance can be even more sluggish because there is the extra element of data replication latency. 819 more words

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